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God Loves Puppies!

There is nothing that will soften your heart like a little puppy.  If a little puppy can’t get you, you can’t get got. 

It seems that the Lord is very much the same way.  He tells us to become like little children or we will not inherit the kingdom of God — and woe unto you if you offend one His little ones!  Little kids and widows have a special place in God’s heart.

How unlike us!  The things that we esteem highly in our society have more to do with our strengths rather than our weaknesses.  Achievements, success, and boldness in business and in our careers get the gold plaque and the award.  Strong personalities prevail in all our human interactions, and those who dominate win the prize, while weaker personalities take a lower place in most of our estimations.

This is natural.  Life is a competitive place no matter where you are.  It is a struggle to survive, and Life isn’t always fair.  But then, that’s the way Life is.

But God is mindful of the weak, the infirm, and those who can’t compete. 

It doesn’t always seem that way, though, does it?  Sometimes you wonder why Life is so tough, and why can’t you be like the other guy?  Is God watching?  And if He is, does He realize what you’re going through? 

And there’s always that question in your heart, why me?  Does God not like me as much as those who seem to have everything going for them?  I know that God is supposed to be completely unbiased, but how come I got the fuzzy end of the lollipop?

Did it ever occur to you that it’s not about what you’ve got, but about what you do with it? 

The bright, handsome, talented young man will never have to face the challenges that a retarded, sick or poor reject has before him.  Everything comes easy to him, whereas life seems hard and cruel in comparison to the other.  How will that play out when we stand in Judgment?  Who overcame the greater challenges in life?

 Maybe your weaknesses are your greatest strengths, and your trials are your greatest blessings.  In the end, what will matter the most, and which will be the greater testimony?

Don’t worry if it seems like you’re always looking up at everyone else.  Maybe that’s a good place to be.  Let the titans battle it out for dominance.  Look for that secret place of the Most High that is found only in humility and the fear of the Lord — like children and widows and puppies who desperately need Jesus Christ as their Savior.  That’s the place where you will find Him.

And yes, God loves puppies.

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