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I have been to a lot of Revival prayer meetings lately.  They seem to be springing up more in these last 5 years than in the previous 20.  Perhaps that’s because the need is increasing as the church world seems to be drifting more and more toward a social Gospel that is more consumer-friendly than abrasive.  The harshness of messages of repentance have not only become rare in this new modern Churchianity, but is becoming more and more frowned upon as unnecessarily judgmental, critical, and ungodly.  My, how things have changed!

Sin, however, cannot be scrubbed away so easily.  It takes soap to clean dirty clothes, and soap’s active ingredient is lye.  God is a holy God, and cannot, will not, fellowship with sin.  If you want an outpouring of the Holy Ghost, sin has to be scrubbed away.  This Emperor does not wear dirty clothes.

Is it a small wonder that so many souls are left hungry, searching for a church where they can experience the real power of God and the real meat of the Word, rather than an anemic, social version of it?  Their choice seems to be either go naked or wear dirty clothes.

The prophet Joel wrote that, in the last days, people would be groaning like beasts for pasture, but would not be able to find it.  We have arrived at those days.  I am told repeatedly from real, sincere, passionate Christians that they have given up in their search for a real church that is full of the power of God.  Some compromise by going to a church just to go to church; others have just quit looking.

But oh, how I hear of people praying for revival for their church!  I hear it all the time, “God send revival to our church and pour out the power like You have in times past!  Revive us, O God!”

Excuse me, but haven’t you missed the focus?  The true purpose of revival is not to pump up your church or to energize your services and make you feel so much more excited.  The purpose of revival, true revival, is to win souls – first, foremost, and final.  Energizing your church is only a by-product, not the real focus.

When we forget that, we shift our focus onto ourselves and away from the mass of humanity that are flowing like a great river into the pits of Hell.  We are willing to do all sorts of stuff for our church, but how many are willing to go to the streets and witness to the lost and dying?  Listen to what we ask for when we are asked for prayer requests.  It is always about us, never about the lost.  And yet, was that not the last request that Jesus left us with just before He ascended into Heaven?  Have we forgotten? Or are we so wrapped up in our Church that we no longer care?

Throughout Africa, wherever I would preach, I always emphasized this one point: the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not about you.  It will never be about you.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is about others, others, others.  If you do not grasp this principal, you will never understand the Cross.

Revival is about winning souls, not pumping up church services.  It is the flowing of Blood to wash away sins.  It is the pumping of the very heart of God from which the Blood flows.

When you forget the true purpose of revival, you lose your mandate from God.

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