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Ever been in a crowded room straining to hear when someone is trying to talk to you, but you can’t hear anything because of all the noise!  That’s how I’ve been feeling lately in the Christian arena. There’s so much noise that I can’t seem to hear anything that makes sense anymore.

It seems like everybody has a message they have to tell us – as if we’ve never heard this great new revelation before.  I’m glad that all these folks are excited, but pumping out the same old stuff in broad strokes is getting kind of old. When are we going to stop talking, and start doing something besides preach to each other? How about taking the message to the streets and winning souls?

Then there’s all the modern prophets that abound with their great magnanimous words from the Lord that all have that same homogenized, bland feel to them. Nothing new there either.  Same ol’ God loves you stuff about how He’s going to do great things in your life. It used to be that prophets were broken, crucified men who had paid a price of decades before the face of God before He released them to bring a word of repentance to the Church.  That’s all changed now. I guess God figured that wasn’t working anymore and didn’t fit with today’s socially acceptable Gospel, so he’s decided to use every Tom, Dick, and Harry novice with a word of “peace and safety” so that it would encourage everybody to just “love on Jesus”.  Those old judgmental, cranky old men are just not with the times anymore.  Besides, it’s so easy to pump out these “feel good” messages that everybody can do it … and so they do.  But it just ends up making a lot more noise.

Filling in the cracks are the guys with their messages about how bad the churches are – which I’ll admit is an easy target, but I already got the message. How many different ways can you say it and still not offer any definitive solutions?  If everybody is wrong (which I am not debating), then please tell me what is right and I will listen to you.  Give me some concrete examples, some definitive directions, or something other than sweeping generalizations that lose their significance in the wide spread of their ambiguity.  Worn out expressions like, “You just have to seek the Lord”, or “Stay in the Spirit” are great sound bites but have no distinct significance if you don’t know how to do that.  Let’s face it, everybody thinks they are seeking the Lord and staying in the Spirit.  It’s the other guy that they think is off the true path and out of the Spirit.  So we end up with just more noise.

As a matter of fact, even this letter is beginning to sound like a bunch of noise.

I haven’t been able to write a column for almost 2 months now. I’m tired of hearing all the same old stuff and not seeing anything come from it. I’m tired of saying the same old stuff and not see any reactions to it.   What’s the point? Just to hear ourselves pontificate? Yeah, I know that faith comes by hearing, but after a while I can’t hear anything because of all the noise!

At some point, the jangling has to give way to action.  Just before the Lord left to ascend into Heaven, He gave us one last instruction. We call it the Great Commission. He didn’t ask us to build humongous ministries, study for ministerial degrees, or yak ourselves into a mind-numbing trance – He told us to go win souls.  It was the last thing He asked us to do. Think it might be important?  Have we done that, or are we so busy making noise that we can’t hear the voice of God leading us to go out and win souls.

If you want to get away from all the noise, go out to the streets and witness. It’s real quiet out there because so few have chosen to deny themselves, pick up their cross (instead of their microphone), and follow Him. 

But out in the quietness of that solitary walk, you will hear the Spirit of God speak as clearly as you will ever hear Him.

And, behold, the LORD passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the LORD; but the LORD was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the LORD was not in the earthquake:  And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire:

And after the fire a still small voice.”  1Kings 19:11,12

Brother Dale Garris

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