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Fire in the Hole

Sometimes I just sit on the porch at night and stare out at the black drapery spread across the sky studded with stars that they tell me are so far away that my mind cannot grasp it. I sit there wondering about what lies beyond life, out past the curtain of night and into the realms that we will soon pass into. I know that all the things I believe are true, not just because I hope they are, but because they have proven themselves over and over again through the years.
It’s like living in a home that has two large rooms – one is your everyday living room where you spend most of your time, and the other is a large room where God lives. You can go in there anytime you want by opening the Door and walking in there. God is right there. His presence is not something you imagine, but something you actually feel. You’ve had several experiences in there with Him, and have actually heard Him speak to you, if not audibly, at least in a very supernatural way.
And yet when one of your friends who doubts God’s existence comes over, try as you might, you cannot convince them of His presence right on the other side of that door. They can argue all they want and quote all sorts of intelligent sounding theories, some even based on sophisticated science that you can’t understand, but they refuse to cross the threshold of that door to see for themselves. You know that all their fancy sophisticated ideas would vanish if they could just see for themselves, but its as if they won’t do it because they really don’t want God to be there.
Silly. If He is there, you’d think they’d want to know.
But instead, they hammer at your faith, dismissing it as old-fashioned, unrealistic, and dumb. But you’ve been inside that room and you have met God yourself. He’s really there. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, you have been in His presence and nothing can take that away.
I have come to realize that not everybody wants to be saved. Even if they know it is the truth, they will find some kind of way to get around it, because they love sin more than righteousness. One day very soon, however, God will cast off the covering that upon all the Earth and we shall see Him as He is, high and mighty and lifted up above all Eternity. There will be no debate then, no questions or doubts, no mocking and scoffing – just the utter stark realization that, O my God, it’s really true!
In the meantime, I labor over how to bring unbelievers to a place where they would be at least willing to step inside that room and see for themselves. Of course the problem is that to do that, they have to go through that Door, and that is what holds them back more than anything else. You see, it is easy to believe or not believe – it’s repentance from sin and a commitment to righteousness that is the great hurdle that most people are not willing to get over.
And hence the ultimate test. We will not be tried at Judgment on what we believed, what we knew, or what we called ourselves – we will be judged according to our willingness to throw ourselves at His feet, discard our old garment of sin, and step into a walk of pure righteousness immersed the Spirit of God.
It’s just like a marriage. You can sign the papers at the Court House, but a marriage doesn’t mean much if you are not in love with your husband or wife. If all you did was get married so you could clean the house, make the beds, and cook breakfast, then you missed the whole point. So it is with our marriage to our Bridegroom. If our Christianity is casual and superficial, if our relationship is limited to our attendance at church on Sunday morning, if the real focus of our lives is something other than seeking the Face of God and our Christianity is paper-thin, then our salvation is a sham.
If you don’t understand what I mean now, you will on the Day of Judgment.
On the other side of the black curtain of night, is a whole round of angels, a multitude of saints, and the God of that created it all. How little we know. But soon – very soon – it shall all be ripped away and we shall see Him as He is. Then Eternity will seem as normal as day.
It will be this life that we went through that will seem like a dream.

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It’s snowing in Texas.

There is a beautiful softness to the landscape as tender flakes slowly cover the ground in a muted blanket. All seems well with the world.

The kids are excited because they’re hoping to get out of school. New Englanders wouldn’t be quite so thrilled because they have to shovel it, but here in Texas we don’t have that problem.  We can sit back and enjoy the beautiful scene that is laid down before us.

It struck me that before the Flood, it had never rained, so had it never snowed either.  Rain was a direct result of the judgment of God upon a world that had grown increasingly wicked. Even though the lessons from the Garden of Eden were not many generations away, the echoes of God’s righteousness had all but faded, and the ears of that generation had turned deaf to the warnings of Noah’s preaching.  They chose the gratification of flesh rather than the righteousness of God, and reaped the severity of His wrath.

And yet, in judgment, we still see the beauty of God. Who can deny the perfection of a snowflake or the beauty of a snow-covered landscape? Paintings and poems over the ages have tried to describe its ethereal beauty but fall short of what God has freely given us.

It makes me wonder about the personality of God. The Bible describes His righteousness in stark and sometimes frightening terms, but it also gives us a glimpse at a love whose depth is unfathomable. How inadequate is the mind of Man to grasp what God is really like! How can we understand the contrast of His love and judgment which emanate from His incomprehensible holiness?

The Bible tells us that the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament His handiwork, and when I look into the evening sky, I am overwhelmed by the vastness of His intelligence and creation. And as David so aptly wrote, “What is man that Thou art mindful of him?”

Only in Eternity will we begin to be able to grasp His glory.

But for now, it is snowing outside. The yard and porch are covered with a cushion of snow, and the trees are all wearing a slender sleeve of white on their dark branches.  The air is filled with softly descending snowflakes giving the scene a wonderful feeling of peace. I marvel at how in judgment He has placed such beauty.

I see a glimpse in this contrast a picture of Calvary.

In God’s greatest judgment, He has shown us His greatest love.

Brother Dale, RevivalFire.org

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