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Day 2 in Kumi, Uganda

It is the 2nd morning here in Kumi, a small town here in northern Uganda. The landscape is indentical to what I’ve seen throughout the country – dry red dirt with small brush interspersed with big Mango trees. Scattered throughout are little round huts made from mud bricks and straw roofs. It kinda reminds me of the pictures I saw as a kid of the houses that the Three Little Pigs lived in.
The bishop I am with had a crusade here years ago and hundreds got saved. He says the Lord spoke to him to build a church here, not in the city. It is pretty big by Ugandan standards but it is only walls and a roof. The floor is made of hardened cow dung mixed with mud, which makes for a rock hard surface. There are no windows or doors, only openings in the walls. While it may seem crude, it works just fine. Africans don’t need anything fancy to worship God – a lesson we could learn from them.
My challenge, however, is to break open their minds to grasp the enormity of what God is offering them. Just like most of us, our eyes and ears are so used to “church as usual” that we have a hard time breaking wide open in total realization of the spiritual realities of Eternity. Our ears are stopped, our eyes are dim because the fallow ground of our hearts is not broken through repentance. We don’t even know what to repent of, never mind that we even need to.
Yesterday, the Lord pierced their hearts with passage after passage that emphasized that if we do not win souls, we may not be allowed to enter Heaven. The whole idea of bringing forth fruit started with Rachael’s cry in Genesis 30:1 and went through the parables, including the Good Samaritan which very clearly states the answer to the lawyer’s question of how do you gain Eternal Life. Simple. Win souls. Don’t pass by the wounded sinners like the Priest (read Pastors) or the Levite (read Church people) do. The True Vine, the Strait Way, The Church of Ephesus … on and on, the Scriptures came forward and pierced them to the quick of their souls. Very simple – you say you want revival? Pay the price! You say you want to go to Heaven? Win souls. If you don’t, your salt has lost it’s savour and you are good for nothing.
They get it. In America, I’d probably be thrown out the door for accusing and offending everyone there, especially the pastors. Here they cheer and fall to their knees in repentance. That’s why revival will come here first, and then, if at all, maybe to America … if she repents.
But first, I have to preach under the anointing so that God can open blind eyes, open the ears, and pierce their hearts. We’re talking bringing forth the Word that breaketh the rock in pieces. Dear God, please, please, please, give me the power to preach your Word like you would preach it!
Today will be Day 2 here in Kumi. I have no idea what God will bring forth; I only know that He cares a helluva lot more for these people than I ever could, so I guess it’s a safe bet to trust that He is going do what He is going to do.

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Day 4 and 5 in Soroti, Uganda
Okay, I’m telling you ahead of time, that’s it’s going to be hard to believe all this stuff – I hardly believe it myself and I was the guy that was there.
I have been in northern Uganda for the past two weeks. A week in Tororo, and a week in the bush 50 km outside of Sororti. Last week was good, but not supernatural. If all I am coming here to do is to be good, then I have missed my mission. Ah, but this week, way out in the bush has been getting more and more powerful in an increasing crescendo since I got here.
Yesterday, the services weren’t just pretty good, they were … um … great! You know it’s good when you feel like you are in the midst of a river in a raging torrent and are being carried downstream. About 10 souls got saved yesterday, which is great in itself. But more than that, a lot of these simple, country folk have been transformed. They may live way out in the bush, but they have a clear grip on the realities of life, and they fully understand what revival is, how much they need it, and what the price is that they will have to pay to receive it from God. Not many Christians in the USA are as sophisticated in this as they are. Knowing the price and the desperation that is required to bring a true revival, they came up to the altar to commit their lives to whatever God asks them to do, no matter what the cost, no matter what it takes. You could feel the snap in the air of broken hearts before an Almighty God. I anointed each one with oil and prayed down God’s commission on each of them. These were serious people in a serious commitment. It was wonderful.
And then it started. I don’t know how the healing line started, but once it got going, you couldn‘t stop it. Now, remember, I don’t do tricks, miracles, or supernatural things. God told me once in Nigeria, “No miracles! If you do the miracles, they won’t hear the message.” (Yeah, I really did hear Him say that to me.) So I make no claims of the gift of healing to anybody. But this is not the first time that God has intervened anyway.
When I pray for healing, I like to ask them if they got healed. If they didn’t, we pray some more. If they did, we move to the next one. At first it was headaches, and I’ve never met a headache that couldn’t be healed. Then it moved on to bigger things. I knew we were on a roll when one lady told me as she came up that she didn’t need me to pray over her because she had already gotten healed just standing in the line! That’s when I realized – OMG! — every single person that came forward was getting healed!
And then the blind lady came up. Wow. She was over 80 years old. Her eyes had that milky white glaze over them and she could hardly see. By now, though, I am on a roll, so here goes … I anointed her eyes and prayed. When done, she starts to walk away and I stopped her. “Can you see?” “Yes, it’s better.”
I don’t know where I got my holy boldness from, but I said, “Well, come back here. God doesn’t do things half way.” I kept thinking that even Jesus had to pray twice over that one guy. So we prayed again. And this time, she could see clearly. “Are you sure?” She looked at me with a grin that said of course she was sure! (Boy, did I feel stupid.)
Okay, I’m jazzed, right? But, oh man, today it gets even better because today they came and stood up to give testimonies of what happened yesterday. The someone who was deaf got healed, no less than three crippled were healed, the blind lady can see, others had debilitating sicknesses that were washed away, and many others that I either could not understand or had an even harder time believing. But I got most of them on video so that everyone will know that I’m not making this up! We are talking about over 50 miraculous healings! Everybody who came up got healed.
That ain’t all. They have had a drought since September – not a drop of rain. Now, rain is a picture of revival. (Think Elijah on Mt. Carmel). Well, Bishop Girado Ukulol keeps saying that the rain has been following me like it did last week in Tororo. Today he pointed outside to the clouds that were forming. He said that the Bible says that the clouds are the dust of His feet, and that God was walking this way. Sure enough, right in the middle of my message, it started to rain. Not a whole lot, but it did rain. Now, that doesn’t seem like a big deal to most of us, but to them, this was incredible because they haven’t seen a drop for months! But get this! They had fully expected it! That’s where the level of their faith is!
Right now, it is 8 pm. I am back in my hotel in Soroti. Bishop Girado has gone back to his hometown to get his van to take me to the next place. He just called me to tell me that the people are still there in the church that we just left. Services ended 7 hours ago, but they say that the anointing of the Holy Spirit is still there and is so strong that no one wants to leave! Does that sound like something we’ve heard about in times past?
Brothers and sisters, keep praying and keep looking up. Revival is coming. It will come to Africa first, but God will use them to provoke the rest of the world to jealousy. The process here in Africa has begun. God is moving, and I have a feeling that no one has ever seen the power unleashed like it is about to be unleashed here in the (former) Dark Continent.
Please keep me in your prayers. My back Is killing me, my guts are strained and hurting from standing so long, and I end each day in total exhaustion. But I gotta keep going. Please hold me up.
Praise the Lord,
Brother Dale

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In Soroti, Uganda

Whew! What a day. I should’ve known right from the beginning that it was going to be a humdinger. The devil got up early and stayed up late, but he is such a punk that all he can do is trouble us but not stop us.

We had trouble the first thing in the morning. The Bishop locked the keys in the car!  But not you gotta hear this cause this is really funny – he was in the car and decided to check the water before he came to get me. Now the keys are on one of those key fobs that have the buttons to lock and unlock the car, but this one is really squirrelly. The alarm goes off all by itself all the time and is really unstable.  So the bishop gets out of the car, and – beep, beep – the car locks itself!  Yeah, tell me that ain’t the devil!

Okay, so we bind together in prayer, and the Lord brings him to someone who unlocks it in second. Good.  We are off to the meeting.  Now remember, we still have to drive an hour and these people have been waiting all morning having slept there overnight on the floor of the church.  But we get there and we get the same rambunctious greeting on the dirt path that we got yesterday. You gotta love these people!

The message poured out of me. I had no idea where I was going next, but I just kept going!  I love it when He does that. It’s a little scary when you have no idea what you are going to preach about, and you have to just swallow real hard, stand up, open your mouth, and hope something that makes sense comes out.  But once I got on the horse, it was like riding a wild stallion. I could feel the fallow ground being broken in their hearts.  This is what I’ve been struggling up against for two days, but finally it broke.  As I called them forth to the altar, you could have heard the cries a mile away.

Broken, crucified prayer breaks up the fallow ground so that the seeds of Holy Ghost preaching can be planted, but it is the tears of repentance waters the seeds that cause the harvest to spring forth out of the ground. Yeah, it was that good.  It can only get better from here.

I should have know it wasn’t over.  Right after that, a pastor came up and told us the car had a flat.  Now remember, we are 50 km from the nearest gas station. The tire was just fine until we started breaking through to the Throne of God. <chuckle>  Satan must have been livid!

But we manage to air up a spare (which was also flat) with a bicycle pump and off we limped back to Soroti.  I was so exhausted that I barely made it up the stairs to collapse on the bed. That’s when you know you’ve put in a good day in the Lord.

This is the last day for this group. Nothing has gone the way I expected, none of the messages have been what I usually bring, so I would imagine that the results will be anything but usual or expected.

And that is something to smile about!

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It was a great day today, besides the fact that my system is still upside down. I’m exhausted at 6 pm and wake up at 2:30 am. But that makes for some good reading and prayer time in the morning.  And this morning’s prayer hour was great.  I know I’m ready to launch into todays messages … I just don’t know what they are yet.

The drive to the church we are holding services at is 1-1/2 hours long, and most of that is on dirt roads. We drive through a semi-jungle area that had been controlled by the Lord’s Resistance Army just a few years ago. The situation then was pretty dire. Road blocks were set up everywhere, and if you were a young man or woman, you were taken for the army.  If you were an American like me, well, let’s just say don’t leave the light on.  But those days are over to everyone’s relief.

Once again, we are met on the road in front of the church by the children all dressed in blue waving flags in the air and singing and cheering.  It makes you feel like a war hero coming home or something. You can tell they are genuinely excited as they accompany the car all the way up to the church. I got it on video this time. You are not going to believe it when you see it.

I am so completely out of my element here that I am totally reliant upon God to deliver the message. That’s not just come cute “spiritual” saying – I really do not have a clue and it is a bit unsettling! This is not a meeting of pastors and church leaders, but of common people from all over the area.  We are not in an urban area where the church can immediately affect the community around it, but in the middle of the bush where you can only guess that people live around here.  This is not the first time that God has placed me in this type of setting, but it just seems that the message I have to bring is not designed for this type of setting. I have no idea what these people need to hear … but God does, and He drops the message on me as I stand up.  Wow. Almost two hours later, the Spirit of the Lord has grabbed hold of hearts in a deep grip that even I don’t understand.

The afternoon service is a repeat of the same thing.  The message poured out of me like a river that kept flowing and would not stop. I can tell that these people are genuinely transformed.  Something has happened here that is beyond my understanding.  It’s like God has a special thing going with these people and hasn’t let me in on it.  I’m just the guy delivering the message. Thanks.

I am really puzzled at this.  It’s obvious that it is no mistake that we are here in this outpost way out in the bush. Could it be that this is exactly how God does things?  He confounds the wise and mighty and uses those humble vessels that depend upon Him to do great and mighty things. I honestly believe that God will raise up from this group of 100 or so people some mighty men and women who will make a significant impact on this country, and who knows? Maybe even the world. That would be just like Him, wouldn’t it?

I have two more days of double services and the Sunday service to go yet.  It ain’t over yet.

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