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Desperate Hunger


I spend a lot of time speaking about the hunger for God that I continually find in the churches I visit in Africa. I suppose it is not true for every church over there.  I probably miss the ones that are not hungry for revival because I refuse to give thousands of dollars so I can come preach at your church. I have two reasons for that. 

One is that I hate con artists, especially Christian con artists.  We’ve got plenty in the U.S. splattered all over the television, selling oil and rags, holy water and thinly disguised indulgences, while they pat each other on the back and invite each other to their programs so they can pump up the audience to give more money.  I call them the C.C.A.A – Christian Con Artists of America.  I’m sure you know exactly who I’m talking about.  Their slick cousins over in Africa are simply learning the trade from their American masters.

The other reason for me not giving thousands of dollars to pastors for them to create some organizational extravaganza is that I am not looking for great numbers.  I am only looking for those hungry souls who are willing to overcome any obstacles that are in their way to receive the fire of revival. Those are the ones who will carry the torch and light the rest of Africa – the others will just go home after they have been entertained and had their free meal. 

But there are those who are so desperate for revival that they will pay any price to bring this power to their people.  Pastor William Iddi, the pastor who was the primary reason for me coming to Tanzania on this last trip, had attended one of my meetings in Kenya three years ago and had picked up a business card that someone had dropped on the ground.  He has been asking me to come to his village in Tanzania ever since, but I have always been headed in a different direction. (Too many places and not enough time).  He decided that he would take his plea directly to God instead, so, on three separate occasions, he went out to a mountain to fast and pray, sleeping on the rocks at night, for an entire week each time until God answered.  Finally, the Lord spoke to him and told him He would send me.  Geez!  Talk about determination!  When you really want something from God, you can get it if you are determined enough to hang on to the horns of the Altar until God answers. 

Do you have the same zeal to see revival come to your church?  William Iddi is not alone in Africa. There are whole churches that enter into weeks of fasting and all-night prayer meetings for God to send someone to bring revival to their church.  Some of them are so far out of the way that it is an impossible dream for them.  No one goes out to preach at some of these places, especially white revivalists from America.  But God specializes in impossible dreams.

 Their hope, which is borne on the wings of soul-wrenching prayer and fasting, is birthed in a womb of desperation.  And God’s ears are attuned to the cries of the desperate.

Regardless of what our false prophets tell you, revival will not come to America until we are broken to our knees in repentance – and that will not happen unless something terrible happens to break us out of our hypnotic fascination with blessings, prosperity, and a cheap grace.  We are not desperate enough yet.  But Africa is, and I believe that God will use Africa to bring revival to the rest of the world.  My prayer is that, in our mediocrity, we will feel the heat of the fire that is kindled in Africa and drop to our knees to plead with God to forgive us for having “church” instead of what He called us to so long ago.

Brother Dale, dale@revivalfire.org

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