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What a tumultuous place this is!

It’s not just the winds of war that shift back and forth across this city, or the very real threat of an active volcano looming over it spewing out its smoke and grit, but there is a spiritual unrest here as well.  Goma is a city in the Congo that has not had rest in an entire generation or more. Probably longer than that.

I am leaving on a jet boat tomorrow for Bakavu, a city on the other end of Lake Kivu, and I am not sorry to leave. I will miss the people, but not the grit, smoke, or the unrest. Nevertheless, something happened here during these services that has broken spiritual barriers.  It’s one of those things you can feel rather than explain, but ask any of these pastors and they will launch into a tirade of excited Swahili to let you know what has happened to their churches.  Counting the service tonight, there have been somewhere between 400 to 500 people who have come forward during the altar calls this week, and many more who have been energized to take the message of revival to the streets.  I think we have had a major impact on the churches of this city that will transform them from helpless, wishful dreamers to active, on fire soldiers for God.

Today, I met the lady who started this whole thing.  This is just like one of the stories you hear about how revivals have gotten started in the past.  She and her husband had a little church that just would not grow. Determined to get a hold of God for revival, she started contending in prayer four years ago for God to send revival here.  Two years later, God told her He was sending someone and that revival would break out in her very own church.  Then He showed her a vision of what the guy looked like … which explains why she has been hanging on me ever since I have arrived.  She saw me long before I ever got here!  This was God’s absolute confirmation that He had not only heard her, but that, like Cornelius, her prayers had come up in remembrance before Him and He was marshaling Heaven to answer her prayers.  Wow, I get chills just thinking about it.

This has happened to me several times in different places in Africa.  These people have such open souls with God and have such desperation in prayer that He can easily do the supernatural with them.  I don’t know how to explain it but they just don’t have the barriers on their hearts that we have.  If we were as desperate as they were and if we would rend our hearts in prayer like they do, maybe we would have the same intimate relationship that they have.  It has something to do with simplicity, need, and desperate hope that spawns a faith that drives them through to the Throne of God.

Tomorrow we start in a new city – we have three more cities to go to before we head home.  Usually, the intensity and tempo speed up as I enter into the 2nd and 3rd weeks of a campaign, but the fire has already started to burn.  Only God knows what awaits us as we take this message further into this country of desolation, war, and darkness.

Keep praying. 

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