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The call to bring revival to a nation is not something that can be accomplished through any strength or wisdom that we possess in ourselves. No matter how badly you want to plunge into the fray and proclaim liberty in the land, the power to bring the presence and power of God that will ignite the Church is not something that can be flippantly learned in Seminary or produced with any carnally designed program. Only God can do that, and only in complete surrender are we able to lend ourselves as crucified vessels that He can work through. Frank Bartleman, in recounting an encounter he had with the Lord, wrote that the Lord told him after he had received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, “If you were only small enough, I could do anything with you.”

Ah, here’s lies the crux, almost a Catch-22 if you would. How does one maintain, or better put, achieve that place of true humility so that God can use you to do His mighty works? On the one hand, we strive to get to that place of righteousness to have power in God while at the same time, try to be stay in that broken, crucified walk in God so we can be yielded to His power. How does one strike that perfect balance? Sounds simple … or is it?

David had it; Saul did not. Perhaps that was because, for Saul, it was always about Saul. When he was little in his own eyes, he was found hiding amongst the stuff, but a couple years later, he was such a big shot that he didn’t think he had to wait on God’s prophet. For David, on the other hand, it was never about David; it was always about God. Because of that, he was able to take on Goliath as a kid, and later as an adult with just a couple other guys, the entire Philistine army. (2Samuel 23:9)

Any man of God who has had the power of God work through him will immediately be attacked by the enemy. Whether it is miracle healings, dynamic preaching, or supernatural revelation, no sooner does one experience the touch of God’s hand than that little wisp will pass through the back of his mind that, yes it was God’s power, but … ahem … He did choose to use you! Satan will lightly sneak those thoughts in as subtly as he can. Obviously, if you think about it hard enough, you will recognize the devil’s handiwork, so he keeps as light a touch as he can … and then another … and then another, merging them ever so slightly into the several streams of your thoughts until he can find an anchor somewhere in your heart to attach his lines of vanity and plant his seeds of pride.

The challenge that faces a man of God who desires to be used in a supernatural way, therefore, lies in how to be “meet for the Master’s use” (2 Timothy 2:21) and yet keep his ego and self completely invisible. God does not bestow His power on just anybody. He may work through anybody, but He is careful to whom He entrusts His power. We must be careful that our desire to be used by God is not rooted in our own self image or desire for position in God, but entirely upon the promotion of the kingdom of God. As I Corinthians 13 tells us, you can all the faith to move mountains, but if you do not have charity, it is worth nothing.

Easily said; not so easily achieved. Any fool can spout off religious platitudes that boast of unearned righteousness and spirituality, but it is an entirely different matter to fight your way through the spiritual swamp of fleshly ego and pride that you have to negotiate through to arrive at that place where God can use you.

I often hear young Christians naively spout off that they have been called to be a prophet. My first response is to tell them to pray and beg God to change His mind and please choose someone else because you will die a thousand deaths before you enter into that calling.

Ego, pride, and self-awareness must be burned out of you before you are ready to enter into that place of real power. God will give it to you in pieces – just enough to lift you up so He can break you down again. Line upon line, one step at a time, until you gradually become empty of self. Jacob had his Laban, Joseph his prison, and Moses his desert, and you will have your desert place of cauterizing fire to take the “you” out of you so God can fill you up with Himself. His goal is not to change you, but to kill you. You are to be purified into transparent glass so that when people look at you, it is not you that they see, but the fire of God that is in you.

And so with the power that works through you, there is a deep innate understanding that it is not you but God who is working through you to do these miracles. You are nothing but dust and ashes; you don’t even own the breath in your body. You are dead in Christ, crucified to the world, numb to pride and arrogance. Any place that Satan could have gotten hold of has been broken away. You have finally surrendered to God.

When you are no longer mindful about yourself or your spiritual place in God – when you just simply do not care anymore – then you are finally “meet for the Master’s use” and ready to wield the power of God so that He, and He alone, will get the glory.

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“The Holy Spirit did not come to make them of one accord, He came because they were of one accord…

It is not the music that tunes your piano, it’s the tuned piano that makes your music.”

– A.W. Tozer

The question, of course, is what would bring all of us into one accord? While the ecclesiastical are always quick to talk about how they believe in unity, they don’t do much more than shake hands with their extradenominational brethren. (Extradenominational? Is that a word? It should be. I would mean it to denote those who are outside your own denominational world.)

We might get together once in a blue moon to have a sing along, but even then the differences are glaring. Some believe in sedate, cultured music in perfect time while others are boogying to their spirituals; some lean on the Spirit of the old Blood washed songs while the kids are into Gospel Rock. Then there’s the others who look down their theological noses at the rest of us because we are playing with instruments, God forbid!

I would mention the differences in doctrine, but honestly, most folks don’t even know what their denomination is supposed to believe or not. Most of them just make it up along the way and listen to what everyone else tells them. Either that or they have never questioned their church’s doctrines enough to establish them on solidly based Scripture. Basically, we all believe in Jesus as the Son of God and that He died for our salvation. How we get that salvation and how we hang on to it are purely divisive issues, but at least we can agree that there is a God up there … somewhere. We’re not sure whether there is a Hell or not, but we all agree that there is a Heaven ––we’re just not agreed on how to get there.

So what would make us all of one accord? If it is not doctrine or music or styles of worship or even how our faith is supposed to be walked out, then what are we agreed on? And does it really matter?

I believe there is only one thing that can bring the Church into one accord to bring the Holy Spirit down to move for us — desperation. Raw, searing, bottom-of-our-heart, take-no-prisoners, give-no-excuses plain and simple desperation.

Prayer moves God. But if you want God to move, you have to have more drive and passion than speaking or thinking your quiet prayers in a polite manner so that maybe God will hear them and pay attention. If you’re desperate, you’re not worried about being polite. You only care about one thing – getting an answer from God! If you want God to move, go move Him! The Throne of God suffers violence! Are you desperate enough to contend in spiritual battle all the way up to the Throne of God and stay there like the widow with the unjust judge until God moves? Are you desperate enough to make sure He not only hears you, but you are willing to drown out everyone else? If you want it to rain, you have to pray like Elijah!

When I preach in Africa, nobody ever talks about what church we are in. All they want is God! Nobody cares what denomination you are stuck in when they are empty and starving for the Holy Spirit of God. When the Church becomes desperate enough to get past our denomination lines and our focus becomes unified on God, that is the point when we lay down our carnal ways and surrender to a yielded crucified walk in God and let Him lead us to living waters.

We become of one accord only when we are so desperate that it drives us away from Church and to the foot of the Cross.


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The woman of Zidon is a picture of the true church of Jesus Christ – , waiting in the gate, outside the established apostate church in times of drought for revival, while the apostate Church refuses to repent at the word of the prophet because they just don’t want to let go of their comfortable established ways even in the face of famine. And even after being faced with fire from Heaven, there is still no true heartfelt repentance, but merely an acknowledgement of their mistake.

We fit the same conditions; we will experience the same results.



Brother Dale

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To learn to wait upon the Lord is crucial, especially when the Lord has just opened a new door for you.

To ignore that would be, as in the case of Saul, fatal.



Brother Dale


Fire in the Hole

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War in Heaven

Another 12 minute broadcast: 

Pride is not thinking that you’re better than everyone else — although that is prideful — but it is being immersed in a humanistic attitude that is only concerned with yourself.  The Gospel of Me.  It is the opposite of true worship.  Think of Saul and David, the Tower of Babel, the misaligned intentions of Judas, the original sin of Eve, and todays messages of the Prosperity Gospel. 

Sin is the opposite of worship and pride is the vehicle it rides. 

In so many places we see that the dividing between saved and unsaved, sheep and goats, wise and unwise, redeemed and damned, is not our outward religious activities, nor our beliefs and strict doctrines.  It is not what we do or what we believe that gets us into the kingdom of Heaven but whether or not we followed the Great Commission and had mercy upon the lost.  Mercy is the antithesis of pride.  When we are no longer concerned about our own position in God or how we are doing, but we become broken before the Cross and become dedicated to how others are doing and whether or not they will make into Heaven, then we shed the old cloak of pride and exhibit true worship.

Listen to the broadcast here:  https://soundcloud.com/brotherdale/war-in-heaven

Brother Dale


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I have a bunch of 12-minute broadcasts from the radio broadcasts that I have done over the years. It has been suggested that I share them with the readers of my columns.  This one is about the anointing of the mantle of authority that was upon Elijah.  What does that mean?  How does one get that?  And do we really want it?

The Mantle of Elijah

Hope you like it.





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