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Rain in Rubirizi

It has been a long journey with dozens of obstacles to get here, but I have finally started the first conference of my last visit to this country. It is bittersweet. I can’t even remember all the miracles that have happened here nor all the exciting services we’ve had when the Holy Spirit would electrify the room and you would be literally swimming in the glory of God. But at the same time, it is hard to hand this commission to others who have heard the message and have taken up the challenge. But it is time.

The first set of meetings on this campaign are in Rubiriza, a small town on the edge of Queen Elizabeth National Park. They have set me in an exclusive Safari Lodge in the midst of tourists who have come to see all the Big Five animals that are here. This place has really cool African style rooms, complete with incredibly tall thatched roofs, luxurious bathrooms, soft Master beds, and a glorious view of the park laid out along the escarpment below us. It was either this or one of those $10/night African hotels. Guess which one I chose.

I am pretty tired from traveling for three days but we still have to drive for 5 hours, then pick up the 100 Bibles we just purchased and the 300 revival books that we had printed, and then drive another hour or so to where the meetings will take place. It feels like we never stopped going, but first thing in the morning it’s showtime, so we push through to get there.

In the morning, I head to a large cement building with over a hundred souls waiting for me. And then two hundred. They keep coming. This is “arrival day”, which means people will be arriving all day long. None of them have a vehicle, so they walk, some of them for 8 to 10 hours just to get here. We saw one group riding in the back of a large dump truck heading for the church. It reminds me of the herds of animals heading for Noah’s Ark, streaming in from every direction. They are hungry and are expecting to be fed. They are desperate for revival.

As usual, services in both the morning and evening were great. I have brought this message close to 1,000 times and have seen the Lord work amongst them the same way almost every time. The Anointing will build as the Holy Ghost conviction begins to work, leading up to the climax of victory on the last day.

This is just the first day. Tomorrow it will heat up, and the third day should be explosive. Then we move on to the next conference and do it all again.

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I love mornings. I usually sit outside and pray on my porch at sunrise. As the rays of morning sunlight begin to peek over the trees, they cast a golden sheen across the lawn that glistens across the lingering evening’s dew. As the morning sunlight starts pouring over the trees, it highlights the little gnats that are swarming around over the grass like a cloud of tiny pinpoints of light tumbling around in the beams of sunshine. There’s thousands of them over the whole property, but they can only be seen where the sunlight hits them and lights them up like sparkles against the dark contrast of the tress that are still hanging on to their early morning shadows.

It doesn’t take long before the dragonflies come. First one, then another, and soon the whole gang arrives for the feast, twisting, turning and dive bombing like tiny fighter planes in dogfights scooping up the little gnats, extinguishing the little sparkles one at a time.

This morning, however, the dragonflies had not shown up. There were gnats everywhere, but no dragonflies. I waited for the word to get out that the buffet was spread out and it was time to come and get it, but there was no response. So I prayed.

I was having one of the quiet, intimate prayer hours with the Lord. We were so close that our hearts were touching each other. I love prayer hours like that. It is not a time for contending in battle or laboring in agonizing prayer, but it is a time of quiet fellowship with your Heavenly Father. He’s right there, sitting next to you, listening to you pour out your heart in secret communion.

Since I was so close to Him at this moment, I thought I’d just ask for a little answer to prayer, “Lord, send the dragonflies.”  No big deal; just kinda for kicks, I thought it would be a neat thing to have Him answer such a small thing right while He was sitting there with me.

I waited. And waited some more.  No dragonflies.

“Lord, You there?”

Still none.  I went back to praying for a while, wondering if I did something stupid. Again.

After a while, lo and behold, what shows up but a single dragonfly. And then after 10 minutes, another one. By that time the morning mists were lifting and the day had begun. Soon they’d all be gone.

I wondered what the lesson was here. One was that, yes, God can and will answer even dumb requests like sending the dragonflies, but He doesn’t always answer right away. Sometimes the answer has to come through a process before you are ready for the answer. And sometimes it is you that needs to go through that process. He will send it when it is time. We have to wait.

But the other lesson I came away with was that God is sovereign. He is not at our command to jump through hoops and roll over for us when we call. He is God and we are at His command, not the other way around. There are rock solid promises in the Word of God, but every promise of God has conditions – nothing is free, and rarely cheap – but in the end, God is sovereign and will do as He pleases.

He did send two dragonflies, though. But he sent them in His own time, just to give me a lesson of faith and patience on a misty morning.


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