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It’s been a while since I wrote a column. Many of you probably wonder if I had fallen off the edge of the Earth, but I have simply been walking through a dry desert, trudging to the end of the valley.  Down there at the end of valley I can see sunshine (or rather Sonshine) – I can feel dawn beginning to break and fingers of Light beginning to pierce through the desolate landscape.

Lately I’ve been listening to the reports of many of those whom I have ministered to begin take their place as the Gideon Generation. Jonathans, as in 1Samuel 14, are climbing the rocks to claim their heritage in God. A new generation of heroes are taking up the challenge to believe God and take Him at His Word. The harvest that has been long awaited is beginning to grow up and break through the clods of fallow ground.

One young man in Kenya was full of zeal to start a church and become a pastor, but I had counseled him rather to go get a job and start at the bottom and wait upon God. He did just that. It started with taking time during his break and praying with other members at his work. Then he began to stand up on the bus he was riding to work to witness to everyone on the bus. People got saved and encouraged.  Then more people began doing the same and began to infiltrate the morning bus rides into a series of mobile churches. The prayer group began to grow, and then spread. Now people from other companies are coming to the fellowship that takes place at his job. Even the bosses are beginning to promote it. There’s no telling what can happen when a man allows God to do the growing.

Another brother had no church to go to, so he began to walk down a certain highway and simply speak a word to those that he found along the road. Soon people were expecting his daily ministering, and others came out looking for him. Just like the warmth of a morning sun, the glow from the Gospel is beginning to warm this previously ice cold highway in Nairobi. His daily journal, the Mombasa Road Diaries, can be read at: https://garris.wordpress.com.

Then there are the testimonies from churches in Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and Uganda of churches that have taken the message of revival to the streets because they were no longer content to sit idly by while the world slides off into Hell. Churches have doubled, tripled, and quadrupled. And where there was no church, churches have been planted.  Thousands of souls have changed their eternal destination, hundreds have seen debilitating diseases washed away in the Blood of Jesus, and a countless number of poor people have been set free by Heaven-sent deliverances that have broken the shackles of Satan’s demonic grip.

The ground has been broken up, the seeds planted and watered with tears, and slowly the harvest is beginning to break free from the confines of the earth.

Revival is coming.

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It is morning and having a burden for lost souls, I leave home to witness Jesus. Walking and not driving, in my opinion, is the best way of reaching lost souls and my starting  point is  the sand heaps of Mlolongo where many souls are lost and need the word of God. In this area immoral acts, drunkness, bhang smoking, khat chewing and connections to evil forces through witchdoctors are the order of the day. Revival is needed here and I am always praying that our God  brings revival to this area and also to the sin city of Mlolongo.

A group of more than ten sand workers is going with their own business.  Some standing with others lying or sitting down either talking or smoking cigarettes. Among them  and holding a spade is the young man who was in pain  and got  delivered yesterday. He comes forward and with good news that he is able to work without any major problems. However, there is a bit of pain in his shoulder but that does not prevent him from working. He is beaming from ear to ear and one can tell that he is almost well and delivered.

Some sand workers are now attentive and ready to listen to what I have to offer to them. I dwell on sins like the taking of alcohol, fornication and adultery while reiterating that they must repent of their sins and receive Christ or they will go to hell. The majority are keen on my witnessing while others do not care at all. Some are fiddling with their phones while others lie down and actually sleeping.

At the end of it, no souls are saved. I finish with prayers and leave there is hoping that God is going send revival to this area. Amen

Pius  mutungi25@yahoo.com


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This entry is connected with the young man who had visited us on March 31st, 2012.This morning, there is a heavy traffic as I drive to the Nakumatt supermarket near Nyayo stadium, and therefore I decide to take a shortcut, not knowing that I would end up in the arms of the law. A traffic officer arrests me for violating a traffic law. He got into the passenger seat of my car and ordered me to drive to Nyayo police post which is about 30 meters from a small park I normally witness at. All my persuasions to let me go fall on deaf ears. The friends and relatives I call advise me to bribe the police officer but I decline.

At the post, I am made to surrender the keys to the car and instructed to go and look for a cash bond of five thousand Kenya shillings so that my keys could be released and then appear in court the following morning. Meanwhile, I get a desperate call from the young man mentioned above and who is lying down outside a neighbor’s house telling me he is very sick and needs me. I am caught between a rock and a hard place. I promise I would come to see him when I was finished with what I was doing. I believe the Lord used a police officer who is a neighbor in our rural home to get my car released. I leave in a hurry hoping to find the young man in the same spot.

My neighbor informs me that the young man had lain on the same spot for hours as he waited for me. When he began to realize that I may not make it, he decided to leave, promising to come back later. My neighbor tells me that the young man’s right shoulder was painful and he shivered all the time that he was lying on the ground. I get into my car and go to look for him and finally locate him on the sand heaps. He sits among a group of fellow loaders and he looks sick. We leave together and drive to a secluded place when he opens up to me. He tells me that three men and two ladies who live next to him use witchcraft on him. I forgot to mention that this young man is born-again but at times he cannot resist temptations and he keeps on backsliding. Fear is written all over his face as he narrates the things he had heard from his oppressors. They cast a spell on him that his right shoulder would start rotting from the inside and lead to the loss of that limb, hence the pain he was going through.

He went on to tell me how he had recently sinned. He was sobbing like a baby with tears streaming down his face showing at he had been convicted of his sins. I lead him through the sinner’s prayer and he re-dedicates his life to Christ. We also pray together for his healing. His face is radiant as I take him back to his place. He had been set free. To the Lord be the glory.

Sometimes, there is a resistance from the enemy before a breakthrough.

forwarded from Pius Ngenzi, mutungi25@yahoo.com

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“Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”.

Amen, that puts a real point on things out here. We are way off the main road on a mountaintop overlooking the Queen Elizabeth National Park. We are holding our revival services in a church right on top of this mountain. The road up here to this church is narrow, winding, and full of ruts and holes.  Lord help us if it rains!

You got to wonder where the people are going to come from (actually, I wonder this almost every time), but so many people have come ( between 200 to 300) that they have to stretch a huge canvas supported by poles outside the church to accommodate everyone. This is a long hard walk up a steep mountain for these people to get here, but I don’t think any of them care. They just want to hear the Word of God. When you look out over the crowd, that’s when the Scripture from the Beatitudes really hits you – these people don’t have all the scintillating distractions we have in America, so their souls are open to the Kingdom of Heaven. What a very different thing we have here!

The first couple of services in these meetings are always hard. I have to snap their illusions and bring them to a realization that “church as usual” is not good enough. No matter how good they think their church is, if souls are not coming to the altar in any real numbers, they just simply do not have a revival – they just have church. This is not hard to do here in Africa – they already know this. That’s why they are here. The hard question is not whether they are satisfied, but whether they are willing to pay the high price to bring revival. My core Scripture is always Genesis 30:1, “Give me souls, lest I die!” You gotta want it so bad that you are willing to die, to give your life to see souls get saved. Anything less and you will not be willing to do what it takes to have a real revival.

They don’t care. They were willing to walk up the side of a mountain to get here and they are willing to do whatever it takes to have a revival. It’s like they are right in the palm of my hand, sitting on the edge of their seats, taking in everything I tell them. Just tell them more … and please don’t stop talking. Lord, where have You been hiding these people?

Some wrinkled old woman has pushed her way through the crowd and kneels down in front of me while I am sitting on the side. She is jabbering away like crazy and pushes a 1,000 shilling note in my hand. That’s about 40 cents, but you can bet that’s a lot of money to her. She keeps pointing at her arms and her veins – something about her blood or something – and then just up and hugs me in a bear hug. Apparently, this 80+ year old woman had been very, very sick for a long time and she felt that the Lord had told her that if she would just come, He would heal her. She came in while I was praying and, sure enough, got healed. I’ll tell you what – this was one excited old woman!

This church is pastured by Noah’s sister and her husband. This woman can sing. I mean like, really sing. During the song, “Jesus, Be Thou Glorified”, she touched places in my heart that have not been touched in 40 years. I was floating way out there somewhere in the Spirit … and didn’t want to come back down.

This family is royalty. That’s the impression the Lord gave me about them today. The father and mother were having revivals in Uganda when Idi Amin threw them both in jail, leaving 9 little kids to fend for themselves. An oppressive culture of fear swept over the land and few would do anything to help. The father, Elijah, thought he’d never see his children or his wife again. The oldest, just a young teen-ager, was taken and thrown in jail, and the 2nd oldest thought he would be next, so at 10 yrs old, he left for the streets of the city where he became a street kid for years. The younger kids were scattered because the government took their home. They were finally delivered, but what a price to pay.

They never forsook their faith in the face of imprisonment, torture, and the destruction of their family. God spoke to the father and told him not to despair, that all his children would be preaching the Gospel, and he would see revival come with his own two eyes. And it has happened just like God told him – all his children are in ministry.  And then here I come along with this hard-hitting message of revival accompanied with this special anointing that comes down on every service we’ve had like he hasn’t felt since the 70’s, and you can just imagine how excited he and his wife are.

These people have paid a price that I can’t even hold a candle to. I look at them and I see a family that is royalty in God. God has made his children princes and princesses. My guess is that there’s a lot of this here in Uganda. I reckon we will be surprised to see who is really who when we get on the other side.



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“A religion of mere emotion and sensationalism is the most terrible of all curses that can come upon any people.  The absence of reality is sad enough, but the aggravation of pretence is a deadly sin.”  – Samuel Chadwick

Sound like any of the churches you’ve been to lately? Or like some of the televangelists that swarm the airwaves with their sensationalism? Or like our new wave of “revivalists” who lead us like Pied Pipers to emotional displays of excitement rather than bringing us to the altar of repentance where true revival can only be found?

Somewhere in our pursuit of religious goals, bigger churches, and more prosperous ministries, we compared price tags and chose the one that promised the biggest bang for the cheapest price.  It was a simple decision. Why labor and agonize for long lonely nights in secret with God for intangible results claimed by an invisible faith, when for the cheap price of a superficial show of faith mixed together with an instant sensationalism we can have the proven attraction of a Hollywood extravaganza?

  • We have traded the agony of deep travail in prayer for a cheap and easy “name it and claim it”. We “speak the word” like sorcerers expecting God to jump at the snap of our fingers to bring us blessings, but for the things that God cries for, our hearts are strangely silent.
  • All night prayer meetings these days means a half hour for each of us shared for a few hours or so, not the desperate cries for lost souls that rang out until the dawn broke.
  • Contending before God and storming the Throne of Grace in spiritual warfare is now a lost art (at which we breathe a sigh of relief for its loss).  Our revival prayer meetings today are merely a subdued time of murmured prayers and shared insights with a backdrop of praise music instead of the times of intense warfare that used to crash the gates of Heaven for revival in times past.
  • We have left the secret place of the Most High for our stages with lights, glitter, and a more “professional” production.
  • The altars of repentance that once beckoned to lost souls desperate for Salvation have now become magnets for “pity” lines to assuage our weakened church members that they are “loved”.
  • Our focus has turned away from the desperate masses of the lost and has been redirected to a self-oriented doctrine of prosperity, blessings, and wealth…for ourselves.
  • We have broken the constrictions of old fashioned strong doctrine for the warm and friendly fields of ecumenism, not only with the harlot church, but even with Hindus and Muslims.
  • We have turned Hell from an everlasting furnace of torment that awaits the multitudes into a place of discomfort that only a very few will ever go to…and certainly not anyone we know.
  • We have dismissed the fearlessness of holy boldness as rude and unbecoming because it is too unsettling to our comfortable ways.  Instead we have trained our pastors to study to be nice, warm, and accommodating so that they not offend anyone.
  • We are more concerned with being conciliatory than a lightning rod of God’s judgments, and so we swarm to those who claim to have a “prophetic spirit” and will tell us what we want to hear but we are repulsed by brash prophets who carry forth a word of rebuke.
  • The Love of God is no longer the keeping of God’s commandments, but is pictured as a warm, fuzzy emotion that, along with a cheap Grace, is waltzing the Church into a lukewarm apostasy.
  • The Fear of God is no longer the fear and trembling and dread of the Almighty, but is now “awesome respect”.

In short, we have become sophisticated. And this is what is found in the Assemblies of God, the Pentecostals, and the new rash of “evangelical” churches – the ones who are supposed to be alive!

Does anyone realize how desperate we are for a revival? Not a churchy imitation of fake sensationalism like we see in today’s “revivalists”, but a God-fearing, Heaven-sent, flesh-crucifying broken cry for the holiness of God?  But who do we have that is desperate enough to drop to their knees and pour their hearts out at the altar of repentance for God to have mercy on us? Who among us will contend before God in secret travail until God answers? Has our desperate passion for the lost died?

We have forgotten how to pray. And our revivalists are more interested in a show of emotion, pressing people to the floor so they will be “slain in the Spirit”. Instead of yelling “Repent! Repent! Repent!”, they holler out “Fire! Fire! Fire!” as if they were magicians calling down the fire of God.  That’s not how Elijah did it.

Are there any of us who realize how far we have drifted?  We depend upon a carnal production rather than the unction of the Spirit, and our preachers cover up the loss with manufactured speeches that are passed off for sermons which are forgotten five minutes after the congregation has passed through the doors. They depend more upon their scholastic abilities than a crucified dependence of the anointing of the Holy Ghost, and as a result, have lost the power that once thundered over our pulpits. Were there any lives that were changed, any hearts broken, any sin exposed and cleansed, any souls saved? Did the Blood flow?

Does anyone care?

“And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.” (Ezekiel 22:30)

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” (2 Timothy 4:3,4)


It is not a question of whether we agree or not, whether we will utter our “Amens” or bob our heads up and down – it is a matter of what you will do about it.

Brother Dale,

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Therefore it is of faith, that it might be by grace; to the end the promise might be sure to all the seed; not to that only which is of the law, but to that also which is of the faith of Abraham; who is the father of us all, (As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.
Who against hope believed in hope, that he might become the father of many nations, according to that which was spoken, So shall thy seed be.

Romans 4:16-18

What an incredible statement of faith! To believe not only the unseen, but the incomprehensible simply because God said so! Abraham believed God! But how is it that we so readily try to take this great pronouncement of faith in God’s creative power and ascribe it to ourselves?
Abraham had just settled in Haran with his brother and family when God told him to pack up and leave. Just when everything was going so well! Just go, God told him, and He would tell him where he was going when he got there.
So Abraham left.
Then God declares unto Abraham great promises that he would inherit the land, that all nations would be blessed because of him, and that his seed would be like the dust of the world. Pretty astounding stuff for a camel herder to hear.
Abraham wasn’t sure where all this was going, but he knew it was true. After all, this didn’t come from Abraham’s imagination, but directly from the mouth of God. Abraham was even visited by the priest of the Most High God, Melchizedek, and was blessed again. Okay, now he knows that this is not coincidence, but this is real. But what exactly is going on?
And then one more time, God appears to him and promises His all encompassing protection and reward. Pretty heavy stuff for anyone, even someone as righteous as Abraham. But what is Abraham supposed to do with all this? What is the purpose of all these great and precious promises? He has no children, so who is he supposed to pass this on to after he is dead? What is the point?
God then promises Abraham the stars in the sky. And Abraham believes Him. He believed God because He was God, and God could bring nothing into existence and make things that are not to become real – or as the King James translators put it, “calleth those things which be not as though they were.” Abraham did not have to know how God did it or why. He didn’t even have to believe that God could do it – He simply believed that He would. And God counted to him for righteousness.
But what do I hear in the churches today? “Oh praise the Lord, brother. Just speak the word and call those things which be not into existence!” “Just name it and claim it!” “Call it into being!” Yeah right, just snap your fingers and speak it into the wind and all kinds of stuff will pop into existence!
Excuse me, but where did we get this kind of outrageous audacity from? Who gave you the power of creation? Do you really think that because you got saved that you automatically inherited the divine powers of creation? You can just snap your fingers and speak something into existence? That is not faith – that is presumption. And an audacious presumption at that.
The Bible says that the kingdom of God is not in word but in power. In other words, we have power in God through our faith and our broken submission to Him, but our faith is in God’s power, not our own. But magic words do not possess power of their own. To attribute magical power to words that we speak is not faith. It’s the kind of stuff you learn at Hogwarts with Harry Potter. It is sorcery, and it is sin.
The funny thing is that I hear Christians misquote Romans 4:17 all the time, attributing God’s divine power to themselves, but it always seems to come from Christians who have not found that broken, crucified walk in God. These are the same Christians who are enamored with prosperity, blessings and wealth and believe there will be a great transference of wealth to themselves. Their main focus seems to be, not on what they can do for God, but what God can do for them. They won’t pay the price that is required, but they sure want to reap the rewards. They don’t want to break their spirits or crucify their flesh, but are expecting the deeper spiritual walk that comes from sacrifice. They won’t prostrate themselves and cry out upon the altar of repentance with fastings, prayers, and tears, but they want to walk around with a power they neither earned nor deserve.
Everybody wants to be an Elijah, but nobody wants to pay the price.
Abraham believed God, and was willing to leave everything behind to follow God into a strange land, where he was a stranger. He believed God because if God said it, He could do it. God could bring forth that which did not exist into existence. God had the power, not Abraham. Abraham’s power was in that he believed God, not that he became God.
To ascribe to ourselves the divine power of creation that belongs only to God is not the righteousness of faith, but the wickedness and pride of Satan who desired to become like the Most High.

Brother Dale
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Yesterday, we were at a camp that had been established to rehabilitate men who had been lost in drugs and bring them to salvation.  I understand that, in the 14 years that this camp has been in operation, hundreds of men have come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Many pastors have come out of here and established churches all over Cabe Verde.

We gave an altar call at the end of the second service and everyone came down.  I’m not sure that they fully understood what we were asking for, but about 50 men came down to the altar.  Oh well, we prayed them all through anyway, just to make sure.

In between the morning and afternoon services, we have been handing out handfuls of tracts and sending everyone out in twos to go witnessing in the area around whichever church we are at.  It works like a charm!  This is something new for almost everyone – they have heard of this, but have never done it. The results are always stunning and immediate – souls come in for the service and many get saved. Once they realize how simple this is, it is as if a light bulb goes off in their head.  They get it. Revival is this simple. Go get the lost and bring them in to the House of God so they can be saved, and you’ve got revival! (more…)

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I wonder how old these cobblestones are that I am walking on?  I’m wandering down the narrow alleys of Praia, the capital of Cabo Verde, and there is an ancient feeling that hangs in the air.  The cobblestones under my feet are black and slick from ages of wear. There’s no telling how old they are. Old is measured here in centuries, not years.

I can just picture Portuguese soldiers in shiny breastplates and those funny curved helmets running down these very same alleys with their pikes and habergeons to the breastworks to defend the city from another attack by French or English.  Rusty old Portuguese cannons from the 17th or 18th century lay around as if they are discarded reminders of wars from times past.

The Plateau, as they call it, sits high above the harbor overlooking a deep blue ocean while a tropical breeze flows in cooling these old brick and plaster walls from the equatorial sun directly overhead.  In a typical sidewalk café under an expansive orange umbrella, you can sip a cup of strong espresso and enjoy the peaceful feeling of a lazy afternoon.  Old men gather to play chess around a table and argue in rapid-fire Portuguese with old friends, while young men and girls can be heard laughing at the next one. Time doesn’t really pass here – it floats away.  It is almost as if there is no time, and life drifts softly into the sunset.  Sorry, I don’t mean to sound maudlin, but there really is no other way to describe it.

It is in this hypnotic landscape that Christianity has had such a hard time gaining a foothold. It is as if these islands are in a dream world where there is no tomorrow, no yesterday, only the languid presence of now. No one cares about anything because they would have to work too hard to take it seriously. The prospect of pleasures today far outweighs the consternations of Hell tomorrow.

But there is a group of pastors who know better. They know they need something from God that is strong enough to shatter this dreamy illusion. Even their congregations are affected with a laissez-faire attitude toward church, sinners, and Eternity.  Instead of their focus being directed to the Cross, it is directed toward them; instead of looking for ways they can serve God, they are looking for ways that God can serve them.  It is the intoxication around them that has affected their outlook.

But there are pockets here of real Christians who really want revival, and it is for them that I have come. I believe that they will be the lightning rod that God will use to break the demonic spirit that has such a hold on these islands.

Last night, we ministered at such a church.  Very few people showed up for the first service and I wasn’t sure if it was just another example of “African time”, or just nobody really cared.  The Lord gave me a simple and a short message, so I delivered it and sat down.  Oh well. That was all He gave me.

I figured that it was pretty much over and that the evening service might be a dud when a girl in the congregation said she had a question.  A question? Wow. A spark of life!  She wanted to know what real-life experiences I had with revival.  Ah-hem. Excuse me, but how much time do we have?

For the next 45 minutes or so, the crowd came in and sat mesmerized as I described what true supernatural revival is really like. They sat with open hearts drinking it all while I painted a picture for them in vivid colors of what revival was really like. By the time I was finished, the place was packed!   The pastor encouraged them to put what I had said into action and handed them Gospel tracts to hand out in the streets around them for the next thirty minutes and then come back in time for the evening service.

Needless to say, that service was a great!  I don’t know how long I preached, but I know how hard. The Spirit of the Lord had taken over and we were in His presence.  What a service!

And then, as I handed the microphone to the pastor to close with an altar call, a woman came forward with her two girls to get saved.  She had gotten a tract during that 30 minute session between services and had come to church to hear the Gospel.  What an incredible breakthrough!  I felt like jumping up and down yelling, “See? See? I told you it works!”

But I didn’t have to. They were jumping up and down themselves.

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To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away,
reserved in heaven for you …
1st Peter 1:4

You’ve just entered into the Great Hall and are being ushered to your place at the table. The tablecloth stretches from one end to the other in a sparkling white linen so pure and white that it is luminous. The place settings are laid out perfectly with rich china plates that seem to glow. The cups and saucers are of a delicate porcelain that seems almost translucent and light to the touch. And oh, the silverware! And the golden jewel-studded goblets that are placed beside each setting stand at attention at each place with a richness that you have never seen.  Bowls full of delicious looking fruits are set all the way down the table, bursting with flavors and scents that call you to reach out and taste them.

As the crowd begins to enter the room and take their places, there is an unspeakable joy of celebration that fills the atmosphere.  The rustle of pure white linen can be heard as each person is led to his or her place where their name is written on their invitation in pure golden foil on a sheer white vellum card. You can hardly believe you are really here as you are brought to your own seat, filled with anticipation of the celebration that is to begin.

This is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and your reservation has been waiting for you.

As we all settle into our seats, there is a hush that sweeps into the room, and we all stand as the Lamb of God, our Savior who has written our invitation in His own blood, enters the room.

This is the moment we have all been waiting for. This is what has made it all worthwhile.  Gone are all the tears, the hardships, and the struggles that brought us here. We have won the victory through the Blood of Jesus and have made our garments white in His Blood and have been found worthy to become His Bride and take part in this final feast of rejoicing.

How handsome is the Bridegroom!  How He looks at each of us with a personal intimacy that floods our souls with His overwhelming love for us. We are His forever. We are His Bride and nothing will ever separate us from Him for Eternity.

This is an event that will actually take place in the not-to-distant future. Those who have overcome the world will really be there and will enjoy the fruits of this great celebration.  Our time on Earth that seems so relevant now, will be but a faded memory in the face of the glory of God and the wonders of Heaven.  It does not seem so right now, but when it finally comes, it will completely eclipse everything we have experienced in this life.

I would not miss this for anything this world has to offer. I will be there no matter what it takes, whatever price that must be paid, whatever battles I must endure.  I will be there.

To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life,
which is in the midst of the paradise of God.”

Revelations 2:7

Brother Dale


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