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Just a heads-up to everyone,

I just published three new books and they are on Amazon ready to ship. I thought some of you might want to get some copies in printed form instead of the intermittent email.

1.     Revival Campaigns in Africa – 2019

Revival Campaign 2019-front coverThis is about the four mission trips I took this year – Nigeria, Liberia, Uganda, and the Congo. I wrote several articles while I was in each country I put this book together primarily for the sponsors who had supported our work so that they could see what they had paid for. It is, however, a great book for anyone who would like to know what it is like when you are in the midst of a revival campaign.

It’s a little expensive, $12.95, but that is because it is loaded with color photographs which effectively doubles the cost.

Link on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1701909855

2.     Standing in the Gap: the Difference Between True and False Prophets

Gap-front coverI was asked by a friend who was meeting with many top leaders in the Church about what the difference was between real prophets of God and swarms of false prophets we see in today’s church. This is a favorite topic of mine. After sending him some preliminary articles, I decided to make a book about it. I believe this is an extremely important topic for the church today. There are two gospels out there today. False prophets, like Pied Pipers, lead us into a false sense of grace, while true prophets of God herald the way to holiness. They lead in two different directions, and whichever one we follow will determine where we end up.

Price: $4.95

Lin on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1734221305

3.     A Voice in the Wilderness – The Journey Begins

A Voice in Wilderness -front coverI have a lot of articles written – about 750. I was thinking the other day that’s twenty years worth of paper sitting in a file drawer. I decided that I needed to put it in print so I would have a legacy for my kids to know me by. This is the first installment. These are the newspaper columns from 1999. The rest will follow. There are some really great articles in there, as there will also be in the books that follow.

Price: 7.95

Link on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0999469495

Here is a link to see the whole catalog of 13 books: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Dalen+Garris&i=stripbooks&ref=nb_sb_noss_2

Or just search Amazon under books for “Dalen Garris”.


Thanks for listening to me all these years. I believe we are coming to troublesome times and we will need all the exhortation and fellowship we can get.


Praise the Lord,

Brother Dale

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I’m sitting in the Brussels airport on my way home. This has been a hard trip. I’m not entirely sure why, but the two weeks I have spent here have felt like two months. True, the pace was intense, but it was more than that. There was an oppression in the air that weighed heavily on us that made everything harder.  I was so exhausted most of the time that I could barely manage.

But it didn’t affect the services. They were great. Each place we went to lit up like they were on fire. I would step into each meeting with a bit of apprehension because I never seemed to know what the message was going to be, and each time in less than a minute, the Holy Ghost would click on like flipping a switch, and away we would go.

Even though I was bound up in exhaustion, there was a complete freedom for the Spirit to move throughout the messages. Most of the time, I felt like I was riding a wave as the Lord shaped, molded, and turned the message in the direction He wanted it to go.

And the response was great. The pastors were rejoicing for the tangible hope for a real revival from God. They now had the blueprint for revival in their hands and they were excited. I watched as they sat on the edge of their chairs with eyes wide open, shouting their “Amen’s” every time something new was revealed to them.

It’s funny, but after having preached over a thousand messages over the last 16 years, I still feel apprehensive going into each service. It’s as if, even though God has been there every single time for me, I am still afraid that this time I will fall flat on my face.  God and I have a little running joke between us, like a little dance that we do. He will remind me as I am sitting there, that the deal we have with each other is, “You lead, and I’ll follow.”

“Yes, Lord. I know. I’m just a little scared that I’m not enough in the Spirit.

“Have I ever failed you?”

“No. I’m just afraid I’m not good enough.”

“You aren’t; I am.  I’ll lead; you follow.”

And every time, He does. He goes right around me and deals personally with the hearts of His people.

I really believe this is the way it is supposed to be done. Let God do the work. He does a much better job than we can. My job, oppression or not, is to show up

… and then get out of the way.

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“And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;  They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” (Mark 16:17, 18)

I’d like to clarify one of the things I wrote about yesterday.

I have started doing something new in my revival meetings. I used to have healing lines where almost the whole church would line up to get prayed over. I’m not sure about the early years, but for the last 10 years, everybody that would get in line would get healed. Sometimes, they would get healed while still standing in line before I got to them. Sometimes they would get healed when they stepped inside the door of the church or under the canopy. I know because I ask them.

When I pray over someone, I first ask where the problem is, and then we pray over that spot. If it is a woman, I ask her to place her hand where the pain is and I place my hand on top of hers. If she does not get healed, we pray again. Either you believe or you don’t. If she doesn’t get healed the 2nd time, we pray again. Rarely have I ever had to go more than three times.

Once the people in the meeting see others getting healed, guess what happens. The line goes out the door, and it usually takes over an hour before we get to the end. Everybody has something they need prayed for.

All that is great, but what happens when I leave? Do the promises leave with me? I believe that it is important for these people to realize that they have the same access to the Throne of God that I do, and that if they begin to take hold of the promises God has given them, they can start performing miracles. When that happens, what do you think the unsaved community around them will do? They will come. When they see that the power of God is real, that it can deliver them, it can heal them, and it can save them, then the wheels of revival will begin to turn.

So I am doing a new thing. I am making them pray over the sick themselves. I start by getting someone that has a pain or a headache to stand up. Then I look for an unlikely candidate to pray over that person. At first, many of them are looking away, or down, or hiding their eyes, hoping that I don’t call on them. But those are the ones that I’m looking for. I bring them forward and tell them to pray with authority to cast out the sickness and take power and dominion over all sickness, pain, and weakness. Pray like Elijah! And they do!

Guess what happens. That’s right. The sick are healed! And THEY did it, not the white guy from America. Then I do it again with another set of candidates. And again. You can watch the realization dawn across their faces that this power is not reserved for special people or big shots, but it is for them. God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the mighty.

There are two things that I want them to understand. One is that once the miracles start flowing, the unsaved will begin to believe in the gospel once again. Right now, they have dismissed church as something good people do, but that it has no power and is not for them. All that will change when they see and hear the power and glory restored to the church.

The other thing is even more important than that. I want them to fully realize that they can change the world. Not somebody else. Not some well-heeled preacher from the West. Not the apostle or the bishop or the big-time VIP, but them. The little people. The foolish things of the world. The fishermen at the Sea of Galilee. The little shepherd boy. The widow with two mites or an alabaster box.

Once this concept awakens in their heads and they rise to the challenge that God has placed upon them, they will be the stones that God will raise up to change, not just their community around them, but the entire world.

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We’re here in Buchanan City. Buchanan would be a moderate city for Liberia, but it’s really, really run down. We met with the Governor and his chief Religious Officer for the area. They are both strong, excitable Christians. As the Religious Officer shook my hand, he said, “I can tell there’s fire in your eyes.” I thought, wow, this is a good sign.
The services we had were a conference for over 20 churches in the area that wanted to join the Revivalfire Movement of Liberia. This is a new organization that was set up by Pastors Momo and Theo to continue the message of revival that I brought back in 2014 during the Ebola Crisis. About 50 people showed up ready to absorb everything they could. They want revival and are like sponges soaking up everything I tell them.

Services were great. I didn’t need an interpreter, and that always makes it so much easier. The schedule was for two services a day – one in the morning, one in the evening, a women’s conference on the fourth day, and then an ordination service for me to anoint, commission, and ordain pastors and apostles to this organization. I guess that makes me a bishop now.

Right from the start, the momentum started to pick up and the services were on fire. Blazing services! The Spirit of the Lord was moving so strong that they were with me every step of the way. Some of them would even quote verses before I got around to quoting them. No matter how strong or controversial I was, they were right in sync with me. They got it!

I passed out the Four Steps to Revival and our Revivalfire brochures to everyone. They held on to them as if they were life preservers. These people were serious. They were serious not only about revival, but about what it takes to have one. They understand that there is a price to pay for any move of God, and but that the messages that are coming out of America – the bland, Jesus-loves-you messages – are not doing anybody any good. Those kind of homogenized, placid messages will never effect change because they don’t challenge the hypocrisy that inhabits the church.

The questions at the end of each session reflected that same understanding. “What about false prophets that say things that never happen?” “What about ordinations and titles?” These were things that they knew were wrong but had inserted themselves into the church. They exhibited a level of understanding that you don’t see in many other places.

In other places where we do not see that level of understanding and participation, we still see great moves of God because there is always a handful of people that are willing to light the torch and head off into the darkness to plant churches and start revivals. So what can we expect here? If only a handful have done great things in other places as a result of these meetings, what will happen here in Liberia where the response is so much greater?

I am pretty excited, but I am so worn out that it is only the excitement that keeps me up and running. When I get back to the hotel, I collapse. I’m not as young as I used to be. Or is it that the devil is fighting us stronger because he can see what is happening here?

It may not be easy out here, but I am looking forward to some great things to happen.

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I’ve been sitting in a resort hotel for the last four days waiting for a flight home. Tomorrow I will finally board a plane for the US. What a relief! This has been a long couple of weeks.
Some kind of a very big disturbance is going on in the invisible world in Liberia. I could feel it in the air when I arrived. The Ebola outbreak was only part of it – a large part of it, perhaps, but still only a part of it.
We started experiencing trouble as soon as we started trying to print the booklets. Then, the day I arrived, the pastors house was broken into, and again three days later. It continued even up to the last day. The pastor who drove me to the airport got involved in an accident on his way home. Then the airport security was not going to allow me to board the plane because of visa problems. It seemed like it would never end.
And then I got sick. My first day at the resort was spent in bed sleeping it off trying to shush off those wispy fears that after everything else I had been through, I had contracted Ebola and would never see my family again.
What was the big deal with Liberia? Why did we go through so much trouble? I can only surmise that an intense battle for the soul of that country is going on. Liberia is like the United States in that it was founded with a strong Christian foundation, and like us, the churches have degenerated into a mediocre “church as usual” existence and have lost their fire. Perhaps this is either an attack, a judgment, or a warning … or all three.
A couple of days before I was scheduled to leave, the Lord began to deal with me about staying in Liberia. I was jolted by the very idea. What? Stay here with this disease raging through the area? Isn’t that tempting the Lord? No, not if He is the one asking you to stay.
He reminded me that I had made a promise to do whatever He asked, to go wherever He sent me, and preach whatever He told me to preach. I literally hung my head down in defeat. What could I say? I made a promise; I would have to keep my Word. I imagined that this is what many missionaries must have gone though when being sent into dangerous lands.
And then a brother told Cindy that when he was praying for protection for me, the Lord kept leading him to pray for strength for me. What’s that supposed to mean? Now I fully expected to have to stay, and I was fully resigned to my fate when they told me that they would not allow me to board my flight because I didn’t have a visa.
I had a couple of things going in my favor. One was a promise He made to me back in 2003 when I was heading into the island of Mindanao that was in the midst of a war with Muslim rebels. He literally spoke to me when the issue of safety came up, “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.” Well, I guess that settles that! If you’re going to pick on someone, you’d better pick on someone else. I took that promise into all kinds of dangerous places over the next 10 years, walking into areas that even the local natives would not go. No one ever touched me. As a matter of fact, the Grace of God always seemed to go before me brought peace wherever I went.
I had another advantage. Years of subjection, not unlike the 21 years that Jacob spent under Laban, had trained me, toughened me, and broke my spirit into yielding to His. This was not Christianity Lite. I operated on a much deeper level. As a result, it didn’t matter what valley I was asked to go down; I had been down enough of them that it became just another valley – not pleasant, but neither was it a sentence of final doom. There is always another open end to every valley. You just have to walk it out.
There are some jewels and riches of God that are so precious that many of us are not even aware that they exist. They are not found in the usual places. They rarely make any appearance at all during our mountaintop experiences or in fancy churches or glitzy televangelist programs. They do not give off a shine and luster during our times of peace and blessings. They are rough cut, sometimes unpolished and seemingly dull in comparison. They are only found in one place – on the valley floor when you are down on your hands and knees crawling though those hard places. When it seems that the only Light you can see is a desperate hope of faith in a God that seems a million miles away, it is then that you find them while you are on your hands and knees in broken, desperate prayer.
I can’t say that I have traveled down the deeper valleys that many of the brothers and sisters who have gone on before me have, but I’ve traveled down my share. Whenever I start to descend into another valley, I can see that there are other footprints heading down before me into the valley. And I’ve noticed that there is always one set of footprints from some really big shoes. Those belong to our Savior.
There is no valley that you go down that He has not gone down before you. There is no pain or suffering you will go through that He has not gone through first. And there is no challenge that He will ask you to face that He will not face it right by your side.
I was fully prepared and resigned to stay for the next month or two in a place that looked like it was going to become a hellhole. Hey, somebody has to do it. It might as well be me.

And then I felt that little nudge to go ask again, and lo and behold, for some reason Security changed their mind and let me on the plane.

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I am scheduled to fly into Liberia on Friday to preach revival there for the next three weeks. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Ebola outbreak that is raging there. At this time, I am going. We are called as ministers of the Cross to go into areas of trouble, not run from it. God has delivered me from several serious dangerous situations and He is well able to keep on doing what He has always done with me in the past.

That being said, the Lord does call us to bind together with the Body of Christ in prayer – not the superficial prayers that we casually pop out from time to time, but the prayers of the serious and those desperate for an answer from God. Those are the ones that move God. And those are the ones I am asking for as I venture into a place that is desperate for revival and that now more than ever needs to see a testimony of faith and hope.

This may be the greatest opportunity we have had in a long time to show that testimony to a generation that has only seen an empty faith, a superficial message of prosperity and blessings, and a gospel that has no power, no miracles, and no substance.

This may be our greatest hour. Let us bind together for a victory that will be so great that we’ll talk about it for thousands of years.

I will write more to keep you updated as things develop.

Brother Dale

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