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Dear friends,

Noah from Uganda called this morning to let me know that his mom had just passed away.

While we are all happy for her new adventure in Heaven, we need to remember the family, especially Elijah, her husband, and all the children. This has been a long, drawn-out illness that is finally over, but still, they need prayer.

I would like to share what the Lord showed me about this lady for just a moment.  We were in Uganda at a gathering somewhere off the beaten track, having services under some tarps on top of a large hill. The power of God was flowing through there like the wind. We saw some very special healing miracles happen, some while I was praying and some that just happened on their own. The atmosphere was like being in Heaven itself. It’s hard to describe what it was like – you’d have to have been there to really get it.

Noah’s whole family was there – brothers, sisters, Mom and Dad.  While Ruth, Noah’s sister, was singing and we were literally swimming in the Holy Spirit, I looked over at Noah’s Mom and Dad and the Lord opened my eyes to see them as He saw them. They were royalty in His eyes. Their testimony and their depth in God is a long story that will not be fully told until Eternity, but suffice it to say that I could feel the depth of it and I knew who they were in God.  Royalty.

Noah’s mom was a prayer warrior that will be sorely missed. When she began to pray, things moved in the unseen world, veils were pierced, and God listened. I pray that God raises up others to step into her place, willing to go through the sufferings of the Body of Christ that those who choose to walk in His depth must go through, to come out of severe battle in victory and see Him and Him alone exalted.

Good travels, Mama. I can almost see the smile that is on Jesus’ face as He welcomes you home.

Brother Dale


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“And I took my staff, even Beauty, and cut it asunder that I might break my covenant which I had made with all the people.”  (Zech. 11:10)

Of all things beautiful, nothing has any beauty other than what God has created in it. Flowers bloom in such incredibly gracious designs and gorgeous colors that it makes you wonder at the limitless imagination of the Creator. Sunrises and sunsets amaze us each and every time we see them, regardless of how many times we have viewed their display. How is our heart, mind and soul able to translate different wavelengths of light into that kind of a feeling?

And that’s just the beauty you can see visually. What about the beauty of music? The mathematical symmetry of vibrations set against an orchestra can send your soul soaring. Or the beauty of a loving touch. Or love itself, that emotion that has kept poets working for centuries trying to capture its essence with words.

Beauty is God-given, and as such can only be described in its own terms while it is expressed in so many ways. I imagine you might say that is it is the highest achievement of God’s creation – that, and the ability He has given us to be able to perceive it.

As God’s highest expression of love, Beauty took form of a Savior who came to earth solely for us. There was nothing here that He came to enjoy or experience other than this one purpose – to save us from sin. Paul said in 1Corinthians Chapter 13 that Charity does not seek her own, but bears all things and endures all things for others. Jesus was Charity incarnate, and He was broken for us.

When this grand scheme of things is over, we will look back on this life and finally realize how much God gave to call us unto Himself. His most wonderful creation, Beauty, was broken on the Cross so that we could have eternal redemption.

There is no greater love.

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