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Did you ever wonder about prayer lists?

I get lists of prayer requests emailed to me every day. Sometimes it feels like the lists are so long that they seem endless and almost overwhelming. You wish you could just snap your fingers and everybody would be healed, everybody would get saved, and everybody would be happy.

Yesterday in particular, I got one in which there was so much desperation and anguish that it choked me up. Instead of taking a moment out as I usually do to add my instant prayer for the daily list, I looked up and asked God why. Why is there so much suffering and so many unanswered prayers?

Ask any pastor why God heals some people and not others, and he will probably tell you he doesn’t know. There are purposes that God works out in our lives in many different ways that are hard for us to understand on this side of Eternity. God uses trouble as a tool to work out those purposes just like He uses valleys to shape us and make us into something that we would not do ourselves.

That’s a good answer – and it’s true – but it doesn’t satisfy a desperate soul.

Another answer is that we are in a time of spiritual drought, just as the Bible has prophesied would come. There are outpourings and healings here and there, just as it was prophesied in Amos, but a flood of spiritual power has not really been seen in generations. Where are the local Faith Healers on your block? Any in your church? Your community?

There are basic principles that must be applied to receive that kind of powerful anointing, and modern Christianity has not had the guts, the drive nor the desire to pay that kind of price. We’re too satisfied with church as usual.

Well, that kind of answer explains a lot, spiritually speaking, but it doesn’t do a lot for a person who is in anguish for a miracle.

What does it take to get a miracle from God?

There have been times when I prayed over someone and the answer was instantaneous. No work, no sweat, no hand-wringing, no wrenching of the soul. Just lay on hands and pray, and they were healed.

And then there’s other times, when you work your guts out in prayer, but see no results. You may feel the Spirit come down, and you know that God has heard you, but you didn’t get the healing you prayed for.

Hope and Faith are sisters, but Desperation is sometimes only a distant cousin. Real faith cannot be turned on like a light switch — it is something that you build through hearing and walking in the Spirit of God over time. Faith incorporates Hope, but travels far beyond it.

Hope, on the other hand, comes from Faith, but it may be the very last thing you have when everything else is gone. It will, however, keep the door of Faith open to the very last crack.

Although Desperation retains the same family resemblance, it doesn’t come from the same seed. We may be desperate for an answer from God, but if we are not walking in the same principles that build Faith and Hope, it remains an empty cry.

And yet, there is mercy with God.

Desperation can re-ignite Hope, which can rebuild Faith, and God does hear such cries of the heart. Faith when it does come, however, dissolves Desperation because it initiates a broken submission to the Will of God. If you have real Faith, you will trust in Him all the way in all things. No longer is it about what you want, but Faith turns the focus on what God wants.

And in that lies the real miracle.

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