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I am scheduled to fly into Liberia on Friday to preach revival there for the next three weeks. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Ebola outbreak that is raging there. At this time, I am going. We are called as ministers of the Cross to go into areas of trouble, not run from it. God has delivered me from several serious dangerous situations and He is well able to keep on doing what He has always done with me in the past.

That being said, the Lord does call us to bind together with the Body of Christ in prayer – not the superficial prayers that we casually pop out from time to time, but the prayers of the serious and those desperate for an answer from God. Those are the ones that move God. And those are the ones I am asking for as I venture into a place that is desperate for revival and that now more than ever needs to see a testimony of faith and hope.

This may be the greatest opportunity we have had in a long time to show that testimony to a generation that has only seen an empty faith, a superficial message of prosperity and blessings, and a gospel that has no power, no miracles, and no substance.

This may be our greatest hour. Let us bind together for a victory that will be so great that we’ll talk about it for thousands of years.

I will write more to keep you updated as things develop.

Brother Dale

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