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— I am starting work on Volume 7 of the “Voice in the Wilderness” series and here is an excerpt from that coming book:

Ahh, Election time!  The time when the worst and the best of us is brought out.

More than any other event in our society, Presidential elections expose our souls and illuminate who we are as Americans.  For the rest of the time, we cover ourselves with a blanket of geniality and blunted purpose, but every four years, we rip off that covering and rise to the righteous fury of our beliefs.

It’s the American way.  Been that way for over a couple hundred years.

It’s more than a function of organizing our government and choosing a political direction.  It is the call to stand up in a holy cause.  Hearts are pumping, blood is flowing, and our souls awaken to battle. 

Democrats rise to the challenge to fight against the beast of social ills brought on by the Republicans, and the Republicans rise up to fight the ugly monster of liberal government and social immorality brought on by the Democrats.  The Libertarian and the Constitution parties struggle to fight against the moral decay of the Democrats and Republicans.

Oh yes, it is a wonderful fracas of debate with each of us on the side of the “good guys”, and none of us understanding how in God’s green Earth our opponents could possibly believe the things they believe.

In a funny way, it is our salvation.  Our answer to the call is what defines our humanity.

Nowhere in nature can we find such a thing as this.  Queen bees are not elected; they just are.  Birds and lions could care less; chipmunks and seals haven’t got a clue; fish don’t even know where they are going; and ants don’t think about anything other than work.  We are alone in this crazy, emotional drive for righteousness.

And then, after an evening of election results, the waving of victorious banners and the licking of wounds, we again settle down to life as usual. The fury of battle and the storm of emotions fade to the background of our lives, and we leave the arena to the politicians.  We, on the other hand, return to our workplaces and social lives right next to our former enemy combatants.  And life goes on until the next 4-year cycle brings us to the forefront of battle again.

This call to war somehow defines our American soul.  It brings definition to who we are and what we believe.  It is the humanizing element for us as Americans, without which we would be very much like the ants.

But it is the ensuing four years of community in between that redeems us.  Our ability to share the product of our election as fellow countrymen is a unique American trait and is what makes us most proud to be Americans.

That is, until the next election when we once again raise our swords to rush forth and slay the dragon.

Brother Dale


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