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“You who can resist the half-articulate pleading of many and many a heart today, can you resist this? From millions of voiceless souls, it is rising now – does it not touch you at all? The missionary magazines try to echo the silent sob. You read them? Yes; and you skim them for good stories, nice pictures, bits of excitement – the more the better.  Then they drop into the wastepaper basket, or swell some dusty pile in the corner. For perhaps “there isn’t much in them.” Very likely not; “there isn’t much” in the silence any more than in darkness, at least not very much reducible to print; but to God there is something in it for all that.  Oh! You – you, I mean, who are weary of hearing the reiteration of the great unrepealed commission, you who think you care, but who certainly don’t, past costing point, is there nothing will touch you?”

I read this today and it struck me that this is exactly how I feel sometimes.  What a frustration to try and convey the intense need, the desperate hunger, and the ageless call to a Church who sits as Esther and has no grasp of what is happening beyond the palace walls.

The author of the above quote?  Amy Carmichael.  Two hundred years ago.

The name of the book it came from?  “A Chance to Die”, but Elizabeth Elliot.

The “unrepealed commission”, as she put it, is still calling you today.  Have you drawn your fiscal line at exactly 10% so that you are “okay”, you have fulfilled your responsibility.  You give waitresses more than that, but what will you give God?  Instead, why don’t you take out your checkbook and write down the largest amount of money you can possible afford – even more than you can afford. Let it be a real sacrifice. As the old preacher used to say, “Give until it hurts! … and keep on giving until it stops hurting.”  

And then, on the line where it says “To” … write down your own name. 

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