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Well, I got another letter that I thought I’d share with you.  When I read these letters, it really brings home some themes that are important in snapping us back to the reality of the spiritual war we face – even if we don’t see it here in America.

Brother dale,
           No doubt we have our problems out here in Nigeria, I believe that this is a good platform for the power of the cross to crush the satanic stronghold over our land.
As for me and some of my colleagues out here we have made a covenant with God to wait on Him in the revival labor room of prayer until Nigeria be made a praise in our generation.
As for the newsletter I will be so glad to receive it regularly.  I pray that the Lord of harvest will make your ministry fruitful in the field of souls.  Shalom.

Pastor Kayode.

Wow.  Tell me that doesn’t grab you!

They made a covenant – a promise, a vow unto God.  These guys are so determined that they have sworn that they will overcome, no matter what.  They will stay the course through whatever storms or tribulations come their way.  They have claimed Victory and believe that God will honor His Word unto them.

And they are willing to wait for it.

Where will they wait for it?  In Sunday services where they wave their hands in Praise & Worship songs?  In church basket socials?  In fellowship ministries where they hug each other?  In theological discussions of doctrine?  In wearing “Jesus T-Shirts” or putting a fish on their bumper?  Or in being nice guys?

No.  In the revival labor room of prayer.

They will claim victory by waging war.  They will storm the Throne of God until they break through and force the Almighty God to move.  They will wait in the intensity of battle.  They will not be denied; they will not give in; they will not give up; they will never surrender.  They will overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.

And how much will they believe God for?  How big is their Faith?

Is it for a job, or a new house, or more finances?  Are they praying for Aunt Mary to feel better?  Or even for God to “enlarge our tent stakes”?

No.  They believe that God is able to turn one of the most wicked countries on Earth into a “praise in our generation”.  And they don’t think that’s too much to ask for — not if they are willing to pick up the Blood-Stained Banner and fight for it.  They don’t see a problem – they see an opportunity!

They have Rachael’s Cry – “Give me children, or else I die!

When is the last time you have heard a message like this over the pulpit that inspired you to pick up your weapons of war and charge into the battle for lost souls?   Have we become so sedate in our prosperity that we no longer feel the need for sacrifice?  Are we no longer cut to the heart for lost souls so that we are willing to prevail in prayer?

Whatever happened to our all-night Prayer Meetings?  When is the last time we fasted for days for revival?  Where is the focus of our hearts?

Has our Faith diminished to a level of profane dimensions where we only believe God for what is before us in our daily lives?

… or do we no longer care?

“Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving;”  Colossians. 4:2

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