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“And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;  They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” (Mark 16:17, 18)

I’d like to clarify one of the things I wrote about yesterday.

I have started doing something new in my revival meetings. I used to have healing lines where almost the whole church would line up to get prayed over. I’m not sure about the early years, but for the last 10 years, everybody that would get in line would get healed. Sometimes, they would get healed while still standing in line before I got to them. Sometimes they would get healed when they stepped inside the door of the church or under the canopy. I know because I ask them.

When I pray over someone, I first ask where the problem is, and then we pray over that spot. If it is a woman, I ask her to place her hand where the pain is and I place my hand on top of hers. If she does not get healed, we pray again. Either you believe or you don’t. If she doesn’t get healed the 2nd time, we pray again. Rarely have I ever had to go more than three times.

Once the people in the meeting see others getting healed, guess what happens. The line goes out the door, and it usually takes over an hour before we get to the end. Everybody has something they need prayed for.

All that is great, but what happens when I leave? Do the promises leave with me? I believe that it is important for these people to realize that they have the same access to the Throne of God that I do, and that if they begin to take hold of the promises God has given them, they can start performing miracles. When that happens, what do you think the unsaved community around them will do? They will come. When they see that the power of God is real, that it can deliver them, it can heal them, and it can save them, then the wheels of revival will begin to turn.

So I am doing a new thing. I am making them pray over the sick themselves. I start by getting someone that has a pain or a headache to stand up. Then I look for an unlikely candidate to pray over that person. At first, many of them are looking away, or down, or hiding their eyes, hoping that I don’t call on them. But those are the ones that I’m looking for. I bring them forward and tell them to pray with authority to cast out the sickness and take power and dominion over all sickness, pain, and weakness. Pray like Elijah! And they do!

Guess what happens. That’s right. The sick are healed! And THEY did it, not the white guy from America. Then I do it again with another set of candidates. And again. You can watch the realization dawn across their faces that this power is not reserved for special people or big shots, but it is for them. God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the mighty.

There are two things that I want them to understand. One is that once the miracles start flowing, the unsaved will begin to believe in the gospel once again. Right now, they have dismissed church as something good people do, but that it has no power and is not for them. All that will change when they see and hear the power and glory restored to the church.

The other thing is even more important than that. I want them to fully realize that they can change the world. Not somebody else. Not some well-heeled preacher from the West. Not the apostle or the bishop or the big-time VIP, but them. The little people. The foolish things of the world. The fishermen at the Sea of Galilee. The little shepherd boy. The widow with two mites or an alabaster box.

Once this concept awakens in their heads and they rise to the challenge that God has placed upon them, they will be the stones that God will raise up to change, not just their community around them, but the entire world.

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“He went his way therefore, and washed, and came seeing.”  John 9:7

What a moment!  What an incredible moment!

Here is this guy who had been blind all his life, and Jesus passes by and changes his entire life in one moment.

Now, why did this blind man let someone just come along out of nowhere, plaster spit and mud on his eyes, and tell him to go wash in the Pool of Siloam?  Jesus could have just been some “would-be wanna-be” who was promising all kinds of stuff that he would not be able to deliver on.  Hadn’t this guy had a tough enough time sitting on the side of road all his life begging for scraps to survive on without being mocked on top of it?  He might have just blown off this Jesus, but he didn’t.

He had hope.

Hope is something that reaches past all reason, past all common sense, past everything that the world would condemn us to, and grasps for that slender thread that says that there is something more to this life that what you see around you.  There has to be something more than this temporal existence that gives meaning to the essence of life.

You hope because you can feel it in your soul.

And then there’s that incredible moment when you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior – you wash the spit and mud off your eyes and all of a sudden, you can see! You can see! This man didn’t just come back … he came back seeing!

All the colors!  All the things that were just sounds before!  People’s faces!  Rocks and trees!  Oh, and look at the sky!  He didn’t just come back – he came back seeing!

The neighbors stood looking in amazement.  Was this the same guy?  Some said yes, but others said, “I don’t know.  He looks like him, but he’s not the same beggar we used to know.  Something has changed about him!”

They didn’t get it, did they?  Nobody seemed to understand.  Even his parents were taken aback.  They were so afraid of getting kicked out of the church that they sidestepped the whole issue.

But he didn’t care.  He was saved!  He could see!  He was alive for the very first time!  Really alive!  If others didn’t understand, it was only because they hadn’t tried.

Those who should have known couldn’t see what he saw. They couldn’t feel what he felt, and since he didn’t go to church, then they figured it must not be of God.

Why, herein is a marvelous thing that they couldn’t figure it out with all their theological expertise, and yet he had been touched by the power of God.  But he didn’t have to figure it out – he could see! — And that’s all he needed to know.

If you have never experienced that incredible moment of Salvation, it may look strange to you.  It doesn’t follow any set formula that you know about, and you can’t see the invisible Spirit of God, but if you have hope, if you just have hope, then reach out anyway.

And when you do, you will touch the face of God, and you will see like you’ve never seen before.  The Spirit of Life will raise you up from death; it will open your eyes,

… and you will come seeing.


Brother Dale


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I have a few questions that I can’t seem to get answers for.

When we have a healing line, sometimes I can feel the Holy Spirit flow into them as they get healed, and sometimes I can’t. Why is that?

We just had another healing line today. This time in the church in Ozoro, and this was one of those times I couldn’t feel anything.

There were probably around thirty people in line, and every one of them said the pain was gone, or their back was fixed, or whatever was wrong was now right. One lady had bad vision and now she could see. I stopped a couple times to admonish them not to say they were healed if they were not. Sure enough, a few of them would tell me that one problem got healed, but that I would have to pray over another problem. Then they would twist around or shake their hands and jump up and shout, “Praise the Lord, the pain is gone”. I’m pretty sure they weren’t faking it.

There was one lady that had “something in her stomach”. Immediately I thought of a lady in Uganda who had what felt like a huge snake rolling around inside her as soon as I laid hands on her. Sure enough, as soon as I laid hands on this lady, she started rolling around screaming. And then we went to tussling. Took a few minutes, but I think I got it. You can never tell with those things. Demons know how to hide so you think they are cast out, but usually you can feel a whoosh when they are gone.

There were a couple like her in the lineup, but mostly just aches and pains which were real enough to them to come up to get healed.

But I didn’t feel anything when they got healed.  Well, I take that back. There times I did feel it, but only faintly. There have been times in the past that it would feel like electricity or like a river of oil, so why not now?  Shouldn’t I feel something?

And another thing – if the Spirit of the Lord is flowing through me to heal all these people, what about me? Shouldn’t I be getting healed too? Or is this like a “pass-through” thing where It totally ignores you while it’s passing through? Not even a “Hi, how are you?” while it’s rushing through you?

The nearest I can figure is that the anointing is like a laser. It only affects the spot that it is focused on. But not always. Maybe. I think. Sort of.

I’ve listened to several so-called experts who have analyzed all this stuff and have lots of answers about how the healing power of God works. The problem is that most of them have never actually healed anybody. Why is it that those who know the least act like they know the most?

The older I get, the more I realize that the more I learn, the less I understand. Creation is that big and eternal things are that mysterious.

I know He’s looking down at me while I’m asking these questions. Maybe He thinks it’s funny. Maybe He could use a good laugh, so he lets me go on in my quandary. In the end, He is going to do it His way anyway.  Maybe we’re not supposed to know.

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.”
(Proverbs 25:2)

Brother Dale

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We were told that the next place I would minister in was Mboni. I have no idea where Mboni is. Mboni is not on the map. And if there is a hotel there, I’m not sure I’ll want to stay in it.

So we were told instead to go to Machakos and call the pastor for directions from there. Now in Machakos, there is a hotel. A nice one. I’m talking hot showers, real food, A/C and no mosquitos. Richie and I are both ready for a break, and the hotel we found gave that to us – a 4-star hotel for Motel 6 prices. Nice.

But the church? It is 1 hour out into the bush. (groan) So off we go as soon as we can because the people have been there since 10:00 am waiting for us. Really? We had to travel for 2-1/2 hours to get here, check in to the hotel, and then travel for an hour over dirt roads to get to church. Did it not occur to them that we were not going to make it there by 10:00?

Not to worry. Hakuna Matata. They don’t care. No white man, especially a white man from America, has ever come out here to preach the Gospel to them. They will wait.

Needless to say, services were great. Translation was tough because they are not used to an American accent, but they got the message. Especially the part about them being able to change the world.

I had to carefully paint that picture for them first. Here they are, little people, poor, and an hour from anywhere. How can they change the world? But as I explain how God always works, and how even the greatest fire can start with a single match, they begin to realize that the process of revival is not dependent on their abilities, position, power or wealth, but that if they can just start a fire here, God can spread it around the world.

I watch as the realization spreads across their faces. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts” (Zech. 4:6). “God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise;” (1 Cor. 1:27)

Services the next day were pretty much the same, but this time I ended with a healing/prayer line. I don’t do this often because the message is what is important and often it can get lost in the miracles. But I just had this feeling …

At first, it was just a few. And then they came pouring down to the altar. We in the West do not understand or realize the depth of these people’s needs. Like deep waters that seem placid on the surface but hide currents that run underneath, these simple people have needs that only God can touch.

They fill the front of the church, three lines deep. As it happens so often, everyone who gets in line gets healed. Then I came to an old lady who had pain in her legs. I kneeled down to lay hands on her wrinkled, knobby knees and pray. Bang! She is healed. I know this because, not only did I feel the anointing come down, but when I stood up and asked her if she was healed, she began to dance a jig! I’m guessing that means yes.

There were a couple others with dramatic results, but there was one girl in particular who wanted me to pray for her to serve God. But when I asked her to start praising the Lord, she couldn’t. She was locked up tight. A demonic stronghold had taken hold of her and she couldn’t free herself. I could feel the fury and authority of the Lord rise up within me as I rebuked that foul spirit in the blood of Jesus Christ. You could feel a CRACK! in the room as I claimed power in God and declared victory in the name of Jesus. And just like that, it was gone.

I don’t know what will ultimately happen out here. I believe we opened up a new door for them and exposed them to greater possibilities of faith than they have ever known. They know. They see. They get it. But will they march through that door and claim the promises that God has given them? Will they overcome the constraints of “church” and reach out for revival instead?

I don’t know, but I do know that we have planted a seed of hope, faith, and possibility in them, and they can take it as far as they can have the courage to believe.

They can change the world.


 Brother Dale, dale@revivalfire.org



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“And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood twelve years, And had suffered many things of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse, When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched his garment. For she said,’ If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.’

And straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up; and she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague.”  (Mark 5:25-29)

I feel like I have to share this story with you.  It happened 4 or 5 years ago out in western Uganda.

I was asked to minister at a place on top of a large hill where there used to be a church or some kind of meeting place. At the time, there was only an old empty shell of a building, so they set up some old tarps and brought up a bunch of benches for people to sit on.

Services were great. There was a presence of God throughout all three days. The singing was out of this world. I still remember Ruth, Pastor Noah’s sister, singing, “Be Thou Glorified” until the whole place was overwhelmed with the Spirit of God. You could hardly breathe.

How do you describe the presence of God? When the Anointing overflows you and you become lost in the Holy Spirit, how do you explain what that is like to a traditional “church” person? You can’t. You either got it or you don’t.

We were there for three days. I preached, Noah gave the altar calls, Ruth sang, Pastor Kibedi played the organ, and everybody worshipped.  It sounds fantastic to most of us in the U.S., but it was the routine rather than the exception for us. This is the way services had been for us across Kenya, Uganda, and several other countries. God didn’t follow us; we followed God.

On the second day, while I was getting ready for the second service for that day, a skinny, wrinkled little old woman came rushing up to me, squeezing me for all she was worth. I could barely breathe! She was jabbering away at a mile a minute, crying and squeezing me to death. As she was holding on to me, she pressed a thousand shilling note into my hand. A thousand shillings may not be much in U.S. money, but to these people it was a lot. Obviously, this was something good.

Finally, the translator was able to catch up with her and told me the story:

She was dying of a blood disease and had been sick for years. She was wasted away from this sickness and was almost gone. But as she was passing by this hill, the Lord spoke to her and told her that if she would just climb up to the top of this mountain and come to the services there, He would heal her.

As sick as she was, it must have been an extremely hard climb for her– she was so skinny and wrinkled that she couldn’t have weighed more than a hundred pounds – but she managed somehow. It must have been a mix of faith and desperation that drove her up that hill, much like that woman with the issue of blood pushing her way through the crowd to see Jesus. As this woman stepped in under that ragged old blue tarp we had set up, she stepped into a cloud of the Holy Ghost and was instantly, totally healed!

That’s why she was squeezing me so hard! God answered her desperate prayer through her act of desperate faith.

I don’t know if you have something that’s tearing you in pieces, weighing you down, and crushing your spirit and you feel like you will never be delivered. Maybe you’ve gone through your own twelve years of depression and it feels like you will never get healed, that God doesn’t care, and He doesn’t hear you.

Are there conditions? Is the grace of God dependent upon certain restrictions? Why does it work so freely here but not work at all over there? I don’t know. I have seen God do just about every miracle you can name, from the raising of the dead, restoring blind eyes, and healing the cripple and paralyzed, and yet I honestly have no idea how the providence of God works. I can make you no promises; I can only pray.

But I can tell you this, your healing, your deliverance, your miracle is only as far away as your faith can reach. He is there – listening, caring, and ever mindful. He may not answer how or when you want. It may take twelve years, or even a lifetime, or it may all happen in an instant.

Most often, after we have tried everything our way and have failed, we finally come to that place of surrender where it no longer matters. When we give up and die to ourselves so that whether we are delivered or not, we give it all to God. That is the place He was trying to bring us to all along.

It might be on the way to Jairus’ house so that others will have faith to watch a little girl get raised from the dead, or on the road to Damascus to convert a Pharisee into an Apostle of God. Whatever the purpose or the outcome, faith and desperation will always bring you into the plan of God.

It is there that deliverance is always found.

Brother Dale

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“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us …”  (Eph. 3:20)

I went to go pray over a friend of mine who was in serious condition in the hospital. We had prayed for him a couple months ago when he was slipping over the edge into death, and the Lord answered mightily. I was on the phone with his wife as we were praying, and about 15 minutes into it, we both experienced the power of God come down in a finality that established the victory like slamming a standard into the middle of a battleground. It was done! God had answered!

Needless to say, the next morning, instead of dying as everyone expected, he immediately took a major turn toward life. Prayer had literally pulled him back from the dead.

Three months later, however, he was still in the hospital. It was up and down, back and forth. This week he is chipper and doing well; next week he is faltering. We had prayed him back from the dead, but now it was time to bring him back to life, real life.

I have seen just about every miracle healing I can think of from  blind, crippled, paralyzed, barren, broken bones, even one man who was virtually dead, but I still have no idea how it works. Or why.  I have listened to all the theological experts (who, by the way, rarely have done this themselves) explain how the whole process works, but I am still clueless. I can only step into the situation, lay hands and pray, and wait for God to do something miraculous.

And He does. Many times, an entire line of people who have come forward will get healed – every last one of them! But there are those times when you pray your guts out, and nothing happens. Burned into my memory is the picture of me in Africa holding a child that was brought to me with malaria. I prayed harder that morning than I had ever prayed, but, on the way to the hospital that afternoon, the baby died. You can’t question these things; you just keep going and keep doing. God is in charge.

In spite of all that I have seen, I am still intimidated and a little scared when I am asked to pray over someone. I don’t know how it works, I don’t always feel something when it does, and who am I anyway to drive my way into the Throne Room of God to demand this thing? This past weekend, however, the Lord was pressing me hard. Go and pray. Exercise your authority that I have placed upon you. Have the guts to believe Me and establish the promises that are planted in the Word of God.

Yikes! This has now taken a very different tack. This is no longer a mission of choice – this is a campaign of battle to establish the will of God. This is now a commission, not a request. The honor of God is on the table. He said it; we have done it; it is finished. Go!

And then the above scripture came to me. “Exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think…” I get that part. God is sovereign. Everybody knows that. What has that got to do with prayer?

Ah, the “rest of the story”, so to speak, is in the other part of the verse, “according to the power that worketh in us …”

All of a sudden, this is not a work of chance or wishful thinking. It is not about tossing out some anemic prayer requests and hope that it works. And if it doesn’t, oh well, it must not have been the will of God. No excuses, no backdoor exit, no nebulous theologies. NO MORE EXCUSES!

What did God say? Then have the courage to believe Him! As a friend once told me, “Act like you believe the Bible.” That’s it. It’s as simple as that. Just step off the edge of the cliff and let God catch you.

The catch in this, however, is predicated on that one little turn of a phrase, “the power that worketh in us.” This is not a free-for-all; there is a price to pay for the kind of power that God requires. This is not a matter of “works”; this is a matter of power. And we are required to do what it takes to get that power in God so that we can, in turn, exercise it so the world can see how great God is.

I have said before that your place in God is determined by your depth of prayer. The oil for your lamps is gotten on your knees before God in deep, broken subjection. The deeper your prayer, the deeper you go into His bleeding side. That “secret place in God” that David speaks about in Psalm 91 can only be found in a place that is nailed to the Cross.

The troubles and pain in the valleys, the sufferings of the Cross, the crucified walks, the brokenness and surrender all lead to a place in God that cannot be found in the mountaintop experiences and pleasant times that we celebrate in church. This is the price we pay for that deeper walk in God. Pain and sorrow open wounds that take us into a depth in God that laughter never will. It also brings us into a walk of righteousness because the closer we get to God, the more we approach His holiness and are finally able to understand the fear of the Lord. Righteousness establishes the promises of God, and a crucified walk that takes us into the sufferings of the Body of Christ brings us to that place of righteousness, not because pain cleanses us, but because it opens depths in our soul that brings us closer to God.

Walking in this kind of depth establishes a confidence of faith and power in you that you never had before. It exposes your understanding to realize that time and space are not real. They are unrealities that tie us to this world. Only when you understand that time and space are not real will you ever be able to believe God for the impossible.

Walking in the power of God blasts demons, breaks chains, destroys obstacles, and heals the sick. God has given you power to heal the sick – He didn’t ask you to ask Him to do it. He told you to do it. Now you understand; now you are empowered to exercise that which is “exceeding abundantly above all” because we have a power that works in us which has been forged in the fires off the altar of God – the same altar that accepted the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and that is covered with His blood.

That is where the power comes from – His blood on the altar of the suffering of the Cross.

But …  you have to go get it.

Are you wondering about why things are so weak? Are you, like Gideon in Judges Chapter 6 wondering about where the miracles are? Why are our altar calls so empty? Why are services more like a college lecture than a supernatural experience with God? Where is the power?

It starts on your knees … and goes down from there. Power in God only comes from a depth of prayer that is washed in the agony of His blood.

Brother Dale


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“And said, I beseech thee, O LORD God of heaven, the great and terrible God, that keepeth covenant and mercy for them that love him and observe his commandments: Let thine ear now be attentive, and thine eyes open, that thou mayest hear the prayer of thy servant, which I pray before thee now, day and night, for the children of Israel thy servants …”   Nehemiah

I know how you feel, Nehemiah. It’s been so long since we’ve had a real outpouring of the Spirit that we don’t even know what it is like anymore.

How long has it been since you’ve gone to services knowing that the presence of the Holy Ghost would be there in such an electrifying power that the very air would be alive with the glory of God? You would literally be beside yourself, caught up in the Spirit so much that you would feel like you weren’t even on the face of the earth anymore. Today, I see people in church doing what I call the “Pentecostal Bounce” in an attempt to make it happen, but I remember when the Holy Ghost would pour down so hard that it would literally “set your feet a-dancing”.

I remember.

Can you remember a time when souls would be flocking to the altar night after night under the over-powering conviction of the Holy Ghost, just dying to get saved?

I remember.

When we talk about healing, do you think back to when the power of God would come down like a bombshell and people would be instantly, supernaturally healed? Or has it been so long since you’ve seen something like that that you don’t really believe it anymore, and are content with a “gradual healing”, little more than settling for crumbs under the Master’s table.

When someone tells you that the Lord spoke to them, do you figure that it was nothing more than some ethereal hint of an idea or some kind of a “strong thought”? Or do you know what it is like to actually hear God speak?

Can you remember back to a time when the supernatural seemed natural? Or does it just seem like a tale that is told?

I remember.

But when I look around, I see Christians debating about points of doctrine and how THEY think things should be, fighting like kids in a schoolyard. I see Pastors subscribing to videos and books and Lesson Plans in an attempt to ignite a resurgence of the Power of God in their church. I see basket socials and basketball games to make church look more fun to the unsaved.

And all the while, they are missing the glory of God.

I am told that you can’t go by feelings – that you have to go solely by the Word of God. (Of course, that assumes that you agree with what they think it says.) Maybe they have just never felt what the real power of God feels like. If they did, they’d know what it is like to be under the Anointing, and experience that feeling that is more real than real. I would remind you that the Bible says the Spirit and the Word are one.

My little girl asked me today if God did miracles today just like He did in the Bible. My answer was yes, He still does. Why then, she asked, do we not see them anymore? Well, for that, you have to go to Isaiah 30:1. (I’ll let you look it up for yourself if you’re really looking for an answer.)

I know that many will read this column and think I’m just on some trip.  Some of the old-timers, however, will remember back wistfully, to a time when the Glory of God flowed through our churches, and sigh with regret, wondering if we will ever see it again.

But there are others, especially you young people, who will see the promise, the possibility and the hope, and will cry out to God with all your hearts like Nehemiah for a restoration of what we have been missing for so long.

Let me tell you that the promise is sure and the possibility is enormous, but the hope must spring from your heart.

The first step to revival is to realize that you don’t have one. The 2nd is to want it more than life itself, and be willing to believe God for it. Our churches, sadly, have forgotten both.

But I remember.

And I still believe.

Brother Dale

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In ten weeks’ time, Dale and I visited over 10 cities in four different countries, had from one to four services each at 21 different churches, and held 10 women’s meetings!

Our first stop was at Noah’s church in Uganda. Dale, Noah, and Daniel, an evangelist who came along to experience what revival is like in Africa, held crusades in 2 villages, one street crusade, and Sunday services in Noah’s church. In these villages over 400 souls got saved. Both these areas have not had churches established there because of the Muslim influence and witchcraft/demonic activity, but we planted a church in each place that is still thriving. At one of the meetings, a man was supernaturally delivered from a demon possession (he was completely insane, rolling on the ground, eating dirt, with cuts and scars from cutting himself). He got saved and has continued in the newly established village church! It was an incredible deliverance and testimony. When all the people saw this happen, they started bringing all their idols in to be burned. It was just like the Book of Acts! I visited the Ladies of Hope for two days and toured the recently purchased orphanage buildings and the school.

Our next three weeks were in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In Goma, the first city we visited, we held services in six different churches, ministered to three different women’s groups, and visited a refugee camp church. The spiritual oppression is heavy there; you can feel it as soon as you cross the border into this dark country. We battled issues regarding jealousy among pastors, greed, hotel problems, government corruption, and the after effects of a country battered by many wars. While some people we met were only interested in what they could get from us, some pastors took the Four Steps to Revival message to heart and put it immediately into practice. They prayed for the unsaved souls and then went out witnessing to bring them in! We were so encouraged by their hunger and zeal it made the hardships easier to overcome.

We traveled to Bukavu, Congo on a 3 hour boat ride, which was a lot of fun! While in Bukavu, we ministered in two different churches. The Penuel Church was amazing. Our translator was one of the best in both ability and spirit. We spent four days there where I met with three different women’s groups, and Dale did a radio program, a TV broadcast, four revival services and the Sunday service. The Spirit of God moved in some powerful ways during those services. One woman who had been crippled for three years was healed…she made a point of finding Dale two days later to make sure he knew and saw her! Someone in the congregation was baptized in the Holy Spirit right during services! Many other testimonies of having the Lord touch them and feeling the anointing of the Spirit were told to us the last day we were there. They did not want us to leave. What a blessing!
As we crossed the border into Rwanda, you could feel the spiritual oppression lift off us. The people in Rwanda have a lot of issues because of the genocide 20 years ago. While we were there, the 20 year Memorial Service was held for the Genocide victims. We watched the service and heard the speeches on TV. All meetings were cancelled that first day across the whole country.

We had services in Kigali, Gitarama, and Cyangugu for a total of four churches. A woman who was deaf was healed in Pastor Robert’s church. At another church, our translator (and Noah’s brother) Emmanuel was so excited about the message of Revival, that he was getting the rest of his church excited! He was ready to start a fire under his pastor and everyone else! Pastor Isaiah had already taken the Four Steps to Revival message that he heard from Dale last year, and was conducting street crusades in several cities. Isaiah is a famous Gospel singer in Rwanda and he would take some equipment, set up on a corner, and start singing. Crowds would come and at the end of the “free concert” he would preach and souls would get saved!

We had a women’s conference out in one of the villages and about 250 women showed up! I am humbled by the women who endure such oppression with little spiritual nourishment. They were starving to have someone tell them they could endure and overcome and feel the Lord actually loved them.

Our last three weeks were in Nairobi, Kenya. Pastor Daniel was thankful that we came to the slum area that his church was in to preach a message that challenged his congregation. He is ready to organize another conference with many other pastors for this coming fall! Then we travelled to Namanga to preach at Pastor Samuel’s Maasai church for two days. Back in Nairobi, we ministered with Pastor Gideon, who was already on the path to revival. His church already had witnessing groups going out to win the unsaved to Christ. But after hearing Dale preach, he got down on his knees along with his whole congregation to ask for forgiveness and seek God’s power to win more souls! Our last church service was with Pastor Kibedi. During that service, several children were dedicated to the Lord and they had Dale ordain four new pastors.

Altogether, there were a total of 45 services and 12 women’s meetings. Many churches were energized, over 600 souls asked Jesus Christ into their heart, two crippled ladies were healed, many other illnesses were healed, a demoniac was delivered, and a deaf woman was healed. Even before we left some of these cities, we were hearing of more souls getting saved and women gathering together to read Bible and strengthen each other. In the Congo, the Lord showed the pastor that an American and a Ugandan would come together and bring revival in their church. Two weeks later, Dale and Noah were there! At another church in Rwanda, a woman who was a prayer intercessor praying for revival said that Lord told her He was sending someone from America … two weeks before we showed up. This has happened again and again and it just shows how hungry they are for revival and how desperate their need is for someone to come and show them the way.

We have planted seeds of revival everywhere we have gone. I know God is on the move to raise these people up with hope and vision to carry this message forward and to spread it across the land. I’m just so glad that I got to be a part of this to watch the hand of God move.

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Well, ol’ Bill finally woke up.

Ol’ Bill use to come to our little fellowship in the Pizza place in Maypearl.  His son-in-law, Harry, was the pastor there – I say pastor, but it was just a little fellowship where a handful us gather on Sunday morning to praise the Lord and share the Word.  I don’t know if most folks would consider it church ’cause there’s no steeple or fancy pews with a choir and a pulpit.  We used to just sit around the table and eat Breakfast Pizza while we allowed the Lord to speak to us through each other.  They didn’t even label us as a church in the local newspaper – just a Bible study.  But that’s okay.  We had more church going on there on Sunday morning than  a whole lot of them bigger cathedrals had all week.

Well, ol’ Bill got himself a parasite overseas back in the ’60s, and 17 years later they cut it out of him, all 20 lbs of it … ‘cept they missed some.   Well, all these years later, it was back and all plumped up again.

They said they could get it out of him this time, but something went wrong in surgery and after a day and a half and 100 units of blood, they couldn’t get Bill to wake up again.  Three weeks later, it wasn’t looking too good for ol’ Bill.  His nervous system was doing this thing called “storming” where his whole body would raise up off the pillow over and over in what looked like a seizure .  Looked like he was constipated or something, but Bill wasn’t awake.  He’d just settle back, eyes half open with a blank stare until the next seizure took him.

The surgeons said he was brain-dead.  “Storming” meant that, because of the loss of blood, Bill’s brain got fried, and he wasn’t coming back.  100% sure, they said.  Both of them guaranteed it.  Vegetable for life.  Time to pull the plug.

Well, we didn’t think so.  Harry wasn’t going to let him go without a fight.  It was too tough for Bill’s wife and daughter to handle. All that high sounding talk about God, faith, and miracles was starting to seem a little thin.  When’s the last time there’d been any miracles like that?  Anybody ever seen them?  How many of your neighbors ever get raised from the dead.  Yeah, I know some of ’em look like they came back from the dead, but the real thing? 

But Harry knew he had to see this all the way through.  It wasn’t just for Bill’s sake and his family, but the honor of the faith that Harry had preached and claimed was true was at stake.  We really needed God to come through on this one.

A bunch of us went up one night and prayed over him.  It didn’t matter that nothing happened that night.  It just mattered that we were taking the battle to the Throne. 

Me and Harry went up there one night by ourselves at 11 pm.  Don’t ask me why they had visiting hours at 11 pm at night, but we were there and started praying like warriors.  Now, I gotta tell you, I never learned how to pray like a Baptist; I was taught that if you really wanted to get something from God, you gotta go get it.  So we commenced to go getting it … at the top of our lungs for an hour.  I was worried that they was going to kick us out, because if God didn’t raise the dead on that hospital floor, our loud praying was liable to do something real close to it.  But nobody said nothing – they just let us pray.

I expected Bill to jump up and start dancing around the room at one point, and if he did, I would have been inclined to join him, but nothing happened.  I knew, however, that we had broken through something and had touched the Throne of God.  We had done everything humanly possible, and our faith wasn’t about how much we believed or how many times we repeated a bunch of words, but in the fact that we had busted through to touch the hem of His garment.  God was going to heal Bill in His own time so that God got all the glory, not the ones making all the noise in that hospital room, and sure not the doctors who had given up on him.

The deadline was Wednesday to pull the plug, and on Wednesday morning,  Bill was still laying there storming away.  Millie, Bill’s wife, sat there beside his bed asking God for one last time to show her what to do.  We had showed up, but where was God?

And then Bill woke up.  Just like that.  Popped out of the coma and said he was hungry. 

Yeah, it was a big commotion that happened after that, all the way from the nurses to the President of Harris Methodist Hospital.  God showed everyone that He is still there, and He really does hear the prayers of his saints.

But what about the rest of us?  America has gone through a spiritual drought for so long that we don’t even know how to believe anymore.  And when something like this happens, we still question it.  We say we believe, but we make sure we have a doctor’s appointment in our hand as we raise it up to pray. We call it being prudent; I call it unbelief.

Unbelief doesn’t come by choice. It comes from years of letting the raw fires of revival die down to embers so we can get comfortable in church. We’ve turned God Almighty into a teddy bear and  have lost our fear of God so we’re no longer scared of Hell, neither are we driven to warn others about it. We have lost our burden to witness to lost souls.  Oh, excuse me, it’s not “lost souls” anymore is it?  It’s “unchurched” nowadays.  We don’t even have the guts to tell them they’re lost.

No more all-night prayer meetings anymore.  No more foot-washings.  No more fire in our churches.  And please, no more hellfire and brimstone messages!  We’re too comfortable and too lazy to do the things that our forefathers did. Besides, we might offend someone if we stood up during our “moment of silence” at  football games to pray to the God in Heaven.  Yeah, “moment of silence”  That’s one term we got right. 

If we have lost our courage to stand up and pray at a football game, how do we think we will be able to stand against the Antichrist?  If we are no longer burdened to pray with intensity all night until we get an answer, why do we think God will hear us?  If we no longer fear God, how will we be fearless before the enemy?  If we no longer witness to others, why would God send lost souls to our church?

We no longer believe in miracles because we have chosen not to. 

But you can ask ol’ Bill sometime.  He believes.

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Wow. Services today were beyond belief! It was like something you read about in a book about revivals. Something broke through today and these people will never be the same.

This has been Day 4 in a village called Kihihi, way out on the western edge of Uganda. Zaire is only a few miles down the road. There are gorillas somewhere around here that tourists come to see, but other than that, while it is not exactly remote, this place is pretty rural. Nobody ever comes here to hold Gospel meetings, never mind a white guy from America. But then, these are the kinds of places that the Lord has been sending me to for six years now, so what else is new?


People have been coming from everywhere, filling the place up. The church is a rude affair of sticks cobbled together to form the walls and roof and covered with a huge plastic tarp that has “US Aid” printed all over it. When it rains, it leaks all over.  But that doesn’t stop anyone – they just keep coming.

For three days the intensity has been increasing. Services start at 10 am and last straight through until 2 pm. That includes lots of singing and praying out loud and not one, but two messages from me. Then we come back after lunch at 4 pm for the 3rd service, and then immediately go into the open air crusade outside until late at night. I go back to the hotel after the 3rd service to recharge my battery, but Barry goes out to preach at the crusade. Two hundred souls have been saved here in the last few days – that’s 200, as in two hundred!

The excitement in the air can be felt in the reverberations that come from the praying … no, praying is not quite a strong enough word … more like intense war, the thick of combat, the smoke of battle and the victory that only strong faith can lay claim to. Our revival prayer meetings back in the States are anemic in comparison.  And this is just during the regular service!  When I call for repentance and rededication at the end of the message it is like unleashing a storm! You just cannot imagine what it is like unless you are here to experience it.  Just ask Barry when he gets home. He has never seen anything like it.

Tonight was the last service for me.  Before leaving, I wanted to at least have a time of prayer for healing sicknesses, both physical and spiritual. Pastor Noah started off by asking for testimonies, and a whole bunch of them came up to tell the things that had happened to them – some spiritual, some about the things they had learned, and some about how they got healed during the services.  And THEN we started the healing line.

Let me just say that the more I prayed over them, the longer the line got. (It’s always that way). We started with the usual aches, pains, and headaches. All those pains left. Then came a whole array of more serious things, like bleedings and paralyzed limbs.  Gone.  And then came a man who was deaf.  (Oh Lord, I need some help here. This would be a good time for you to show up.  I don’t know why I think it is easier to heal headaches than deafness, but Lord, everybody is watching so please help me out here.)

I didn’t really know what to do, but I had heard somewhere about a guy sticking his fingers in a deaf person’s ears and praying over him. Sounded like a good idea to me, so that’s what I did. I even popped my fingers out of his ear for a dramatic effect. (Was that supposed to help?)  Nada, nope, nothing. Still can’t hear.  Not to be denied, I prayed again (this time without the finger popping), and I prayed hard.

Pastor Noah started walking backwards from him, “Can you hear me now?” “Yes”.

A little further back, “Can you hear me now?”  “Yes”

And so on, all the way to the back of the church. Way back there, I could barely hear Noah, but this deaf man heard him perfectly!

Am I jazzed?  Ya think? Somewhere about 20 to 30 people got healed – almost everyone that came up. Yes, there was one boy with a large tumor that, when I prayed over him, did not disappear. Maybe it will later, I don’t know, but it didn’t vanish on the spot like I expected. That’s a real bummer, but I don’t know what else to do. Maybe this gift of healing is a thing that grows as your faith expands. I hope so, because the look of desperate relief on the faces of the people who did get healed is priceless.

Something huge happened in Kihihi. Huge. You could feel it in the air like something broke through some long established spiritual walls.  Old theological ideas were smashed, personal wants were traded for a burden for lost souls, and a long ago buried faith that had been almost smothered by a mediocre church burst out of the grave and rose again in people’s hearts. They will never be the same … ever.

Neither will I


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