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It is hard to fully express the feeling of seeing almost 70 women stand up in front of a church and declare how desperately hopeless they were in prostitution but how that they now had found hope and life in Jesus Christ. Here are 70 lives transformed, 70 lives that are now saved; 70 women who have come to life from a dungeon of despair and hopelessness.

These are real people. I think that’s what gets me the most. They are not statistics or anonymous stories; they are not some interesting anecdote written on a piece of unfeeling paper; they are real people just like you and me. They had dreams just like we did. They grew up like normal little girls– just like your little girls. They loved things that we love; they laughed, played, sang songs … they lived. Just like us.

But in story after story, something went horribly wrong – parents died, uncles or stepfathers raped them, mothers or stepmothers pushed them out into the streets to fend for themselves as young as 9 and 10 years old – the stories can be read on their website: www.LadiesofHope.com. Whatever the reason, they were thrust into a wicked, dark world to be broken, tortured, and diseased with absolutely no hope of escape. In a very short time, they became broken and lost all vestiges of self-worth. Defeated, they drifted from one bar to another, scraping out a day-to-day existence crawling under a weight of oppression that engulfed them. The only promise and hope they had in life was death.

And now, here they are up in front of the church singing Gospel songs and raising their hands to God who has saved them from death and degeneracy.  Somebody actually loved them, even enough to give His life so they could be forgiven.  Man, I am telling you, if you can sit through that with no tears, then you are as hard as nails.  I couldn’t.  And Cindy? Forget it. Especially when they started thanking her for starting the process that led to their salvation.  You see, it was just three years ago when Cindy ministered to some women that led to this whole operation, and they look at her as their mother who rescued them.

Now we are faced with a challenge. Our success has become our problem.  The sound of deliverance has been loud. More and more of these prostitutes are coming in off the streets desperate for help and almost every one of them and their children are dying of AIDS. The Lord has healed several of them, but others have died. When they die, no one will take in their children, not even their grandparents, so they are left for us to take care of.  The number has grown to a point where we have to have an orphanage and a facility to take care of the growing number of helpless women and orphans … AND we need someone who knows how to run one!

You’d think the churches would help, but they look at these women as dirty, defiled, and of no human value. They have rejected them even after hearing the testimonies of their salvations. Why am I not surprised? Is this not always how the denominational Church has reacted to the lost and suffering?

So here we are. I have a week here to figure something out. I have to say, I’m a little overwhelmed. Who will I find to come to Uganda to take charge of running an orphanage and a ministry that is burgeoning in size? And how will I find an outlet to produce enough finances to keep it running? I am a revivalist, not a business manager.  I may not have graduated from Harvard Business School, but my Father knows business better than anyone. He will provide; He always does.

But He uses people.  Perhaps He will recruit even you. If you feel the burden to help, come to www.LadiesofHope.com, hear the testimonies, feel the hope, catch the vision, contact us and lend a helping hand.

 “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”   (James 1:27)


Brother Dale

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