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WOW–What a HARD week.  Kitimuruzi, Kabarondo, and Kigali.  We have been ministering; Dale has been preaching; and we have been traveling non-stop since Gitegi, Burundi.  That is 13 days.  Sorry, but we are made painfully aware that we are no longer young and spry!  And that pouring out to others all the time means we need God to pour into us also.

Many times Dale gets emails or FB messages and pictures from all across the countries that he has preached in over the last 10 years. “Look at the fruit of your labor, Dale”  Look at what God has done to our church when we took His message that you brought to us and we followed through.”  “God has increased our church and we are winning souls.”  “In spite of the ebola threat, God and many, many people showed up at our conference here in Liberia.”  “God has used two humble pastors and one obedient American to bring a revival in our city.”

But seeing it in Gitegi really did something for Dale.  They will never need us to come back because they are doing it themselves.  God has answered all of us.

Rwanda has had so many issues that a hard shell surrounds them.  I still am shocked at the devastation from the genocide only twenty years ago.  They have recovered remarkably well on the outside.  After being here in the spring and watching a week long memorial marking the 20 year anniversary of the genocide, I need to remember to continue in prayer for healing.  Both Sunday services in this final church started opening up fertile ground.  Dale would be sitting in the chair and say, pray for me.  I still have no message.  Then 5 minutes later he would be standing in front of all these people and have to be ready to feed them.   He opens his Bible, and starts reading and then the Lord guides him along.  I can feel the shift in the Spirit and then I know he has got the answer he needed from the Lord.  This is hard to do when it appears their whole church service is focused on their dance team for the highlight of worshiping the Lord.  Then they settle back in their chairs and kind of fade away.

Not all of them though.  Some of them open their Bibles, lean forward to hear better, and get their little composition books out and write down notes.  Sunday night the place was full with a couple rows of neighboring pastors in the front.  One pastor stood up with his hands in the air and started quietly praising the Lord while Dale and Emma were talking.  So the hard ground is starting to break up and the seed Dale gave them is dropping in.  They prayed for us (just like Gitegi) and then we were on our way back to the hotel.  One pastor met us at the car and told us his congregation is ready for this.  Emma rode back to hotel and we gave him the last package of 4 Steps to Revival to give to this pastor (100 books in Rwandan language).

What is next for them?  What is next for us?  We drive to Uganda, minister in Noah’s church, his brother Peter’s church and a couple more.  We will visit the Ladies of Hope. We will see the Home of Hope children, the new director, and address many issues while we are there.  Then we will be home onDecember 7th.  Thank you for reading the emails, following on Facebook, praying for all of them and us, and financial support that has been sent.


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In ten weeks’ time, Dale and I visited over 10 cities in four different countries, had from one to four services each at 21 different churches, and held 10 women’s meetings!

Our first stop was at Noah’s church in Uganda. Dale, Noah, and Daniel, an evangelist who came along to experience what revival is like in Africa, held crusades in 2 villages, one street crusade, and Sunday services in Noah’s church. In these villages over 400 souls got saved. Both these areas have not had churches established there because of the Muslim influence and witchcraft/demonic activity, but we planted a church in each place that is still thriving. At one of the meetings, a man was supernaturally delivered from a demon possession (he was completely insane, rolling on the ground, eating dirt, with cuts and scars from cutting himself). He got saved and has continued in the newly established village church! It was an incredible deliverance and testimony. When all the people saw this happen, they started bringing all their idols in to be burned. It was just like the Book of Acts! I visited the Ladies of Hope for two days and toured the recently purchased orphanage buildings and the school.

Our next three weeks were in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In Goma, the first city we visited, we held services in six different churches, ministered to three different women’s groups, and visited a refugee camp church. The spiritual oppression is heavy there; you can feel it as soon as you cross the border into this dark country. We battled issues regarding jealousy among pastors, greed, hotel problems, government corruption, and the after effects of a country battered by many wars. While some people we met were only interested in what they could get from us, some pastors took the Four Steps to Revival message to heart and put it immediately into practice. They prayed for the unsaved souls and then went out witnessing to bring them in! We were so encouraged by their hunger and zeal it made the hardships easier to overcome.

We traveled to Bukavu, Congo on a 3 hour boat ride, which was a lot of fun! While in Bukavu, we ministered in two different churches. The Penuel Church was amazing. Our translator was one of the best in both ability and spirit. We spent four days there where I met with three different women’s groups, and Dale did a radio program, a TV broadcast, four revival services and the Sunday service. The Spirit of God moved in some powerful ways during those services. One woman who had been crippled for three years was healed…she made a point of finding Dale two days later to make sure he knew and saw her! Someone in the congregation was baptized in the Holy Spirit right during services! Many other testimonies of having the Lord touch them and feeling the anointing of the Spirit were told to us the last day we were there. They did not want us to leave. What a blessing!
As we crossed the border into Rwanda, you could feel the spiritual oppression lift off us. The people in Rwanda have a lot of issues because of the genocide 20 years ago. While we were there, the 20 year Memorial Service was held for the Genocide victims. We watched the service and heard the speeches on TV. All meetings were cancelled that first day across the whole country.

We had services in Kigali, Gitarama, and Cyangugu for a total of four churches. A woman who was deaf was healed in Pastor Robert’s church. At another church, our translator (and Noah’s brother) Emmanuel was so excited about the message of Revival, that he was getting the rest of his church excited! He was ready to start a fire under his pastor and everyone else! Pastor Isaiah had already taken the Four Steps to Revival message that he heard from Dale last year, and was conducting street crusades in several cities. Isaiah is a famous Gospel singer in Rwanda and he would take some equipment, set up on a corner, and start singing. Crowds would come and at the end of the “free concert” he would preach and souls would get saved!

We had a women’s conference out in one of the villages and about 250 women showed up! I am humbled by the women who endure such oppression with little spiritual nourishment. They were starving to have someone tell them they could endure and overcome and feel the Lord actually loved them.

Our last three weeks were in Nairobi, Kenya. Pastor Daniel was thankful that we came to the slum area that his church was in to preach a message that challenged his congregation. He is ready to organize another conference with many other pastors for this coming fall! Then we travelled to Namanga to preach at Pastor Samuel’s Maasai church for two days. Back in Nairobi, we ministered with Pastor Gideon, who was already on the path to revival. His church already had witnessing groups going out to win the unsaved to Christ. But after hearing Dale preach, he got down on his knees along with his whole congregation to ask for forgiveness and seek God’s power to win more souls! Our last church service was with Pastor Kibedi. During that service, several children were dedicated to the Lord and they had Dale ordain four new pastors.

Altogether, there were a total of 45 services and 12 women’s meetings. Many churches were energized, over 600 souls asked Jesus Christ into their heart, two crippled ladies were healed, many other illnesses were healed, a demoniac was delivered, and a deaf woman was healed. Even before we left some of these cities, we were hearing of more souls getting saved and women gathering together to read Bible and strengthen each other. In the Congo, the Lord showed the pastor that an American and a Ugandan would come together and bring revival in their church. Two weeks later, Dale and Noah were there! At another church in Rwanda, a woman who was a prayer intercessor praying for revival said that Lord told her He was sending someone from America … two weeks before we showed up. This has happened again and again and it just shows how hungry they are for revival and how desperate their need is for someone to come and show them the way.

We have planted seeds of revival everywhere we have gone. I know God is on the move to raise these people up with hope and vision to carry this message forward and to spread it across the land. I’m just so glad that I got to be a part of this to watch the hand of God move.

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Well, I baptized 20 people in a rushing, muddy creek in Rwanda today.  That old Oak Ridge Boys song kept running through my head, “They baptized Jesse Taylor in Cedar Creek last Sunday”.  I’m pretty sure Cedar Creek was cleaner than the creek I was in.  Think of being waist high in coffee with cream and sugar rushing down a miniature gorge.  One lump or two?

I love baptisms.  The toughest part in Africa is getting the names right, but they don’t care; they’re just thrilled to be getting baptized.  Laughing, singing, and praising the Lord, we all stood in that creek, plunging under the water.  What a blast!

Then we all headed back to the church for a full-blown service.  I wasn’t expecting all this, but once I was inside the church, there was no getting out for several hours. The place was packed.  It would have driven a Fire Marshall here in the States crazy. There was no room to squeeze in one more person, but somehow more people would slide their way in anyway, especially once the music started and the dancing began.  We were there for hours.  What a service!

How different they are from us in the sedate West. They are not worried about the correct or proper way of doing things – they just do them.  Instead of being tampered down with inhibitions, they just let loose.  Yes, I suppose we all have our different preferences, but I gotta tell you, I want to be in Heaven with these guys, whooping’ and hollerin’, dancing around like mad, and giving myself over to the passions of praise.

They just have more fun.  And I plan on having a whole lot of fun when I get to Heaven.

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