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I am a great fan of the Sinners Prayer. I think it’s one of the coolest things in life.

What other simple set of words can change a person’s life so completely so immediately?

I’ve known people that have read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica but are still lost to confusion. I’ve encountered scores of PhD’s who are so educated that they can answer almost any question, and yet are still grasping for Truth. Multitudes of people immerse themselves in books and study until they’re squinting through glasses as thick as Coke bottles, but they still haven’t got a clue about Reality, Life, or Existence.

They chant, they study, they analyze, they strain their brains until their faces look like prunes, but it seems it only leads them in ever-circling paths that are never ending.

And what are they left with for all their trouble? Nothing but pride and confusion.

But here is this simple set of words fashioned as a sincere prayer of the heart that instantly answers the deepest questions of Life. The problem for these psuedo-theologians is that it’s just too simple.

Why is it that Truth, for so many people, has to be something hard and complicated, something mysterious that has to be figured out. They stumble over the simple truth as being too easy in their driven pursuit to gain knowledge. The answer is Pride – stupid, foolish pride.

Pride drives the wise into stupidity and vanity. All that effort, and they only end up as fools. But hey, at least they feel smart!

I get accosted on a regular basis because I have posted a simple Sinners Prayer on our website, www.revivalfire.org along with the reasons why I believe in it. That riles them to no end. They can’t accept something so simple to find the answers they are so desperately searching for. They want something that is more theologically complex.

They run on and on with pages of doctrinal theories, scriptural references, and seemingly intelligent conclusions to debunk the simplicity of getting saved. When they’re all done panting from working up a cerebral sweat with their mental gymnastics, they settle back with a satisfied smile on their faces as if they have just proven some difficult problem in Geometry. If what they are saying is right, however, then only smart people would go to Heaven, while the rest of us dumb clucks would have to burn in Hell.

My answer is short – I’m gonna go with what works.

I have actually seen literally tens of thousands of souls saved through the Sinners Prayer. I have watched their faces melt as the peace of God descended upon them and then beam as the Light of Jesus Christ began to shine out of their countenances. I have seen them stand up on their feet as a brand-new person proclaiming the praises of God with all their hearts.

I’ve seen more miracles at the altar of repentance than I have time or space to tell, the greatest of which being the remarkable, instant transformation of a lost soul crossing over from Death unto Life. Watching the overflooding exuberance of a newly born-again soul is overwhelming. Don’t try telling them that they must not be saved because they didn’t follow some complicated set of theological rules!

Now, I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I ain’t stupid either. I don’t care what someone’s idiotic objections may be – apparently the Almighty God doesn’t have any. He thinks it is good enough for Him to pour out His Spirit in a tangible presence so thick that it can be felt.

And you know what? If the Sinners Prayer is good enough for God, then it’s good enough for me.

‘Nuff said.

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