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Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be able to see all the invisible things that go on in the spiritual world. You know there is activity there by all the crazy things that happen on this side of the veil, you just can’t see them.

For instance, every time I head out on for another round of revival meetings in Africa, all hell breaks loose. As soon as I purchase the tickets, we start battling some of the weirdest stuff. It has gotten so bad that the owner of the computer store that fixes our computers started laughing at me this time. “Nope, I’ve never seen this problem before with anyone else. You must be heading out on another trip, aren’t you.”

I always used to figure that the more intense the battles were, the greater the mission was going to be. I’m not sure that’s necessarily true anymore. I think it’s just gotten to be routine for the devil to go into high gear whenever he see the next itinerary come up. Old habits die hard.

This trip hasn’t been any different. This time, the trouble followed us all the way to Nairobi, but usually, everything smoothes out as we get into gear. We still have battles, but it is as if everything shifts and the old crew of demons is dismissed while the next crew takes over.

You think I’m kidding, but there is a definite difference in the kinds of things that happen once the campaign has begun. Before I leave the States, everything just seems to be designed to drive us crazy. Once the campaign has started, however, trouble happen all around me, even to those who are helping us in the campaign, but not to me. It’s as if I am in a bubble while a war rages around me.

Does it happen like that all the time? No, but it happens enough to form a definite pattern. And enough to make you wonder what is really going on in the invisible world of the spiritual realm. Are there generals and privates in Satan’s armies? Do they map out battle plans, send out spies and special ops? Do they have pictures of us posted on their Post Office wall as the 10 Most Wanted? What is really going on behind the scenes?

I don’t know. God never put any graphic descriptions in His Word for us to ponder on other than to admonish us to put on the whole armor of God because Satan is like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour and that he would be loosed on the earth in the last days. I guess that’s small stuff for Him.

Instead God pointed us to focus on having mercy on the lost who do not know Jesus, and who have never known the freedom of salvation. That’s the big stuff. Our job is to push through the smoke and fire and hold up the Great Commission as our battle cry. Let God be our rear guard to cover us as we take the battle to the enemy to hold up the Blood Stained Banner and claim victory.

No its not easy. And I don’t know what is going on in the subterranean world. I guess we’ll see it all when we finally pass through the veil. In the meantime, however, we have the weapons of prayer to bring to bear upon the enemy.

The rest is just small stuff.

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It’s been a tough three days.

Out here on the front lines, it is like entering into a war zone. You can go through periods of relative peace, but then the bullets start flying, the smoke of gunfire is all around you, and you’re blurred by the fog of war. It’s like trying to walk through water – you can feel it but you can’t see it – the spiritual darkness is like a heavy wet blanket smothering you. It comes in quietly so that you hardly notice it and are not able to recognize what it is. Sometimes it will get really intense before you can pull yourself out.

I do not want to glorify the devil here, but this is the kind of spiritual warfare that rages on the front lines of heavy evangelism. If you are not a threat, things will probably go smoothly for you and you will not really grasp what this is like, but if you are, you can expect all hell to break loose. True, not everything is the devil’s fault, but this is war out here and there are no rules of engagement.

We had some electrifying services last week here in South Sudan. Many pastors came to us saying that this is the message that Sudan is desperate for, that it is not like the message that the rest of the Americans bring, but this is the one that they needed to hear. I agree. It is simple and straight out of the Word of God. It has worked in every place that the people have worked it.

Unfortunately, as the excitement began to spread here, notice must have reached the bowels of Hell because out came the swarms, and the battle began in earnest.

Spiritual fire is invisible. Yes, there are the physical challenges you go through, and they can be difficult, but at least you can see them. Spiritual fire is what we call “head fire” – it all happens in your head. Satan is the prince of the air and he tries to slide into your thoughts as subtly as he can so that you won’t recognize him. Slowly, he increases the intensity until he has a fire raging inside you. When he has gotten that far, it takes a strong effort in prayer to root him out. And even then, he will leave a residue behind him.

Last week, I felt like I was in a hurricane. Or more like a boxing ring where I was getting hammered by a pro while swinging wildly without landing any punches. But then this morning, I broke out of it like a clear sunrise. Clear blue skies, bright sunshiny day. What happened? The people back home decided to pray.

Yeah, it’s just that simple. Do not underestimate the power of real prayer.

I have often said that the battle has to be fought and won in the prayer room before it can ever be won out on the front lines. The Word of God is our weapon and the promises of God are the horns of the altar, but prayer is our method of warfare because prayer moves God.

So why is it that we don’t pray more than we do? And when we do pray, why is there so little passion and desperation? Could it be that we don’t really believe that God will hear us and answer us? Perhaps our lack of holy boldness is a direct result of our lack of reading the Word of God.

A friend once asked me if I knew what true honor was. True honor, he said, was not about position or titles or respect. True honor was when God heard your prayers … and answered them. That, he said, was true honor.

I agree. God honored someone’s prayers and broke me out of that battle with a clear bright victory. I am now ready to run back into the fray and tear Satan’s guts out. We will win and we will have revival and we will set Africa on fire, not only because it is written, but because we have the courage to believe God and refuse to give in.

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To learn to wait upon the Lord is crucial, especially when the Lord has just opened a new door for you.

To ignore that would be, as in the case of Saul, fatal.



Brother Dale


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