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Steve Hill has died. I wonder it that ever hit the national press. Should have, but probably didn’t.
Steve was the firebrand behind the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola. Millions came through those doors to touch the anointing that had fallen on that church and took whatever residue they could to their churches back home. It lasted around 5 years or so, and then, as all revivals seem to do, the fire faded to coals that hopefully sustained a heat in the churches that, if not as searing, would be longer lasting. It exploded, it burned, and it faded.
Steve went on to other things around the world, still a firebrand for winning souls, but he contracted cancer five years ago and died last week. Having left the center stage of the Miraculous and Exciting, he had no longer been the darling of the evangelical world, but a slowly fading name amongst his own denomination, and barely recognizable outside it.
And now he is gone.
For me, Steve was a contemporary, so I did not hold him in awe as so many of the younger generation had. He was one of the guys who preached the same message I did and came from the same roots. We came out of a generation that could see the difference between the Old Fashioned Gospel that birthed us and the new Love Gospel that the modern church has become so enamored with. But there are fewer of us all the time.
Steve Hill, David Wilkerson, Leonard Ravenhill, and scores of other ministers of fire who preached the Fear of God, did not shrink from painting a picture of Hell in great detail, and demanded holiness and righteousness in our walk with God. There was a difference in their message and a difference in the tenor of their voice – something that is lost on this generation because most have never heard what a message “under the anointing” is like.
Gone. One after the other, they are gone. In their places are polished theological wannabes who faithfully listen to messages on SermonIndex.com so they can copy them and try to mimic the fire and thunder of the past. But the anointing cannot be mimicked or copied – it has to be gotten from down on your knees on the valley floor where your spirit is broken, crucified, and wrung out before Almighty God. It is in complete contrast to the culture of microwave faith and the impatience of this instant, digital generation.
Another revival is coming, but it will not come through a sophisticated modern church but from the cries of a new Gideon Generation. The prophet Joel spoke of an army that would rise just before the Day of the Lord. Rude, crude, outrageous, and on fire, they will rise up with the spirit of Elijah to declare the final coming of the Lord. It will be “Repent or Perish!” all over again.
And Steve – and the others – will be cheering them on.

“And the Lord shall utter his voice before his army: for his camp is very great: for he is strong that executeth his word” (Joel 2:11)

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