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“Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates, to be ready to every good work, to speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, showing all meekness unto all men.” Titus 3:1

(Sounds like good advice for our political candidates.  I wonder if any of them have read this.)

Of all the commandments in the Bible, these have been some of the hardest for me to keep.  The big sins that we all know about are obvious – don’t commit fornication, don’t get drunk, don’t lie, don’t steal, etc.  It’s relatively easy to avoid them because they are so blatant.

If I want to shoot some Pool, I need to go to the Bowling Alley instead of a topless bar.  If I want some trinket bad enough, I need to go to work and pay for it instead of stealing it.  If I am caught in a tough situation, better I should just shut up than lie my way out of it.

Okay.  That seems simple enough.  I can do that.

Then there are all those commandments that we make up.  And there’s a bunch of them.

Like you have to go to church on Sunday and sit through some theological dissertation that is intellectually endowed, but spiritually lifeless.  Somehow that misses the whole purpose of church.  I want to go where the power of God is experienced, not just talked about.

Or, you can’t wear lipstick, or you can’t talk about religion, or you have to be nice, or you have to dress nice, or you can’t have long hair, or you can’t smoke a cigarette, and on and on.

Yeah, I can do all those things too.  I don’t think that’s what is going to get me into Heaven, but that’s all right.  It’s a lot easier to go along with a lot of this stuff just to avoid the hassle.

But I really get stuck on attitudes and social skills.  It’s hard for me to keep my mouth shut sometimes when I see things that are just dead wrong — especially when it concerns people who are supposed to be in authority as leaders of the Church.

Is it speaking evil when you call a preacher to task for being lukewarm?  Is it being a brawler when you confront the con artists on TV that make lying promises based on how much money they can suck out of poor unsuspecting Christians?  Am I required to obey some supposed spiritual big shot when they are leading the people down a path that leads to Judgment just because they have a Ph.D.?

Does meekness mean being submissive to leaders who have no power in God and have lost their way?  Am I just supposed to be nice?

I guess I’m just a very baaaad boy.  But I take comfort in the fact that I’m in good company.  The old prophets were the same way – in fact, they were worse.  Even Jesus whipped them out of the Temple and called them some pretty nasty names.  And don’t get Peter, Paul, and James started!  They had a few choice words also.

I guess I’m just an old-fashioned, Holy Ghost Texas preacher with a New York attitude who doesn’t give a rip what they think.  If they’re a Jack of Spades, then they ain’t no Ace of Hearts.

I once asked the Lord back when I was preaching on the radio if we could please tone these messages down a bit. The messages were fierce every week. And they were directed by name to the local pastors. They were hearing all this outrageous rebukes. And I do mean outrageous.

“After all”, I explained, “I’m not making any friends here.  In case you hadn’t noticed, God, these guys are not exactly asking me to go bowling with them on Fridays.”

You know what the answer was?

While I was praying, the Spirit of God came down, and I could feel that ice cold feeling like, “Uh oh, I’m in trouble again”.
He spoke directly to me (and yes, God does speak directly to us):

“That is not your broadcast,
and that is not your message,
and they are not your people.
Now, you tell them what I tell you to tell them … and you tell them I sent you!”

And He didn’t sound very nice when He told me that.

Brother Dale

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