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Just a heads-up to everyone,

I just published three new books and they are on Amazon ready to ship. I thought some of you might want to get some copies in printed form instead of the intermittent email.

1.     Revival Campaigns in Africa – 2019

Revival Campaign 2019-front coverThis is about the four mission trips I took this year – Nigeria, Liberia, Uganda, and the Congo. I wrote several articles while I was in each country I put this book together primarily for the sponsors who had supported our work so that they could see what they had paid for. It is, however, a great book for anyone who would like to know what it is like when you are in the midst of a revival campaign.

It’s a little expensive, $12.95, but that is because it is loaded with color photographs which effectively doubles the cost.

Link on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/1701909855

2.     Standing in the Gap: the Difference Between True and False Prophets

Gap-front coverI was asked by a friend who was meeting with many top leaders in the Church about what the difference was between real prophets of God and swarms of false prophets we see in today’s church. This is a favorite topic of mine. After sending him some preliminary articles, I decided to make a book about it. I believe this is an extremely important topic for the church today. There are two gospels out there today. False prophets, like Pied Pipers, lead us into a false sense of grace, while true prophets of God herald the way to holiness. They lead in two different directions, and whichever one we follow will determine where we end up.

Price: $4.95

Lin on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1734221305

3.     A Voice in the Wilderness – The Journey Begins

A Voice in Wilderness -front coverI have a lot of articles written – about 750. I was thinking the other day that’s twenty years worth of paper sitting in a file drawer. I decided that I needed to put it in print so I would have a legacy for my kids to know me by. This is the first installment. These are the newspaper columns from 1999. The rest will follow. There are some really great articles in there, as there will also be in the books that follow.

Price: 7.95

Link on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0999469495

Here is a link to see the whole catalog of 13 books: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Dalen+Garris&i=stripbooks&ref=nb_sb_noss_2

Or just search Amazon under books for “Dalen Garris”.


Thanks for listening to me all these years. I believe we are coming to troublesome times and we will need all the exhortation and fellowship we can get.


Praise the Lord,

Brother Dale

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I know everyone’s been expecting some exciting stories of what we are doing here in Uganda, but after three days of services, I don’t know what to write.

After visiting the Ladies of Hope in several of the villages around Mbarara, we had a service in the village where we chased out of the witchdoctors.

For such a small village, the place was packed. As we entered into the services, we watched a young man leading the kids in wild dancing and singing about Jesus. They were having so much fun that you couldn’t help laughing as you clapped along with them. And it struck me – these were the kids that were slated for death to be butchered on a Satanic altar.

But now they were dancing.

Yeah, did that get you? This was one of those moments that gets caught in your throat and you catch a glimpse into something deeper than our daily, comfortable lives. Something horrible was destroyed and something wonderful was restored to the Life of Jesus.

Then we went to a series of churches in small villages north of Kampala. It was the same program for us – Cindy with the women, me with the men, and then a service in the evening. Then move on to the next church.

I have done close to 1,000 services in 14 years, so after a while, they all seem the same. It’s not the message that I preach that is memorable – it’s the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I’m thinking that this should be standard for everyone, but the truth is, they haven’t experienced it anymore than we have in America. So when the evening service starts lighting up with the Spirit, it leaves them jumping up and down excited!

In one of the afternoon sessions with the men, I heard something new for me. A young man stood up and said that they had heard the false prophets telling them about how God was going to pour out all kinds of blessings all over them – and they believed it! – but now they realized that they actually had to do something! Revival was not free and there was a price to pay for it. For me to hear that is such a great relief. They get it. There’s hope.

You never know what will happen in a service, which person will be affected, and what fruit will come forth. Sometimes you never hear about it, but sometimes the Lord will allow you to catch a glimpse of what He is doing. I got one of those the other day when Noah told me about a young man who attended one of our services several years ago and was inspired to take the gospel out to his people and start a church. He now pastors a church of 700 people. He has been trying to find us so we would come and see what God has done.

What was it that lit that young pastor up? What is causing the celebration in the village of orphans? What creates such a fire that spreads in so many directions that we can’t begin to keep track of it? It’s not the words of the message. It’s not a great speaking eloquence. It’s certainly not my personality!

It’s Him. The Holy Spirit. He moves with invisible power, filling the air and igniting hearts. He takes them and fills them with vision and sends them forth, holding up the torch that was lit in that service, and shining Light into the world.

So yeah, a thousand services later, they all seem the same and there’s not much to say. It’s the anointing that makes the difference. That’s what changes the monotonous into the miraculous.

Brother Dale

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[Please read the forwarded email that is underneath mine.]

Little baby Richard was buried today. He wasn’t even ten years old, thrown out into the street because the witchdoctors had told his family that the spirits demanded it or else they would kill the whole family. These demonic spirits pointed to Richard as the source of all their problems. Throw him out!  Or else!
This was a huge battle that has been fought mostly by Pastors Noah and Tom for months now.  Noah had brought me to this village to establish a foothold for the gospel a few years ago. We established a church there, but the witchdoctors tore it down. We rebuilt, but it has been a constant battle.
The witchdoctors had been snatching up street kids for their sacrifices. Then they would also tell families to throw certain of their kids out into the street or else death and curses would happen to them. The darkness is so thick there that people believed them. 120 orphans had been running around homeless. I’m guessing that the witchdoctors did this so they could have more fodder for their blood sacrifices. Many little bodies have been found out in the surrounding bush.
The Chairman of the village had already sacrificed one of his children and the witchdoctors also wanted his little girl to serve in their temple. (You know what that means.) Apparently the girl had become either sick or possessed as a result of the demonic demands on her. His wife reached out to Pastor Tom who prayed and healed the little girl. That won over the Chairman, who then went all over trying to get others to believe.
A Muslim woman was next. She also had sacrificed one of her children and now the spirits wanted the other one. She appealed to Pastor Tom, who again prayed and healed the child. That started things rolling in our favor as word spread of the power of Jesus Christ to heal and deliver. 30 of the 120 children have been taken back into their parents’ homes. A tent has been set up for the kids to live in while we are waiting for the funds to build a decent house for them, and food and clothing is collected every Sunday in Pastor Noah’s churches to feed and clothe them. The authorities, who previously resisted us in trying to establish a church here, have now gotten involved and have thrown two of the witchdoctors in jail.
And now this that you are reading below.
A brother has given $33,000 to build a house for the orphans that are left, but they still have lots of needs.  And then there is the village that needs a church built, Bibles for new believers, and how many other miscellaneous needs, I don’t know. Maybe you want to get involved. Maybe there is a golden opportunity to sow some incredible mercy here that you don’t want to miss or have the church miss. Your call. I’m always here.
Just saying’.

[I have left the grammar and spelling alone so that that you can hear this directly from Noah.]
“Dear Friends!
The war is done! Christ Has worn victory .we have finished the buriel. We are glad that finally the body was burried In the fathers home.
The mother to Richard has given her life to jesus! After and during the burial we lead 100 people to the Lord those that are  from this village and and the rest from other neibohring villages !
TEN families that  had chased away there kids due to the influence of of this evil  spirits have  understood the power and the love Jesus! Now 20 kids have gone back to there families .we have burnt idols and with the help of the police we have set ablaze 20 shrine altars .
So far the human right personal .and the police has prisioned 20 wichdoctors. And also the village has risen up to instead Chase them a way .other parents that has sent a way there kids to die has run a way they are hidding a way .and many children are saying that they are ‘ worried of being sucrifised  like other siblings that has been sucrifised .
Acording to what they have advised us .they have asked us to remove this kids and put them in a safe place. As we wait to get a nice and well secure place to.put them.
So far the .10 more have been diogonised  with  marelia fever. We are glad the 12 are healed.but because of a bad environment they are in they are likely to keep getting sick.
We have found trading homes that we can give an offer to them. and we can rent them and put this kids in this place where they can be safe and managed well.
If I could get 500$ can use this houses only a month as we finish there home.
There food is already done! And we are looking forwad for when the funds will come so that we could  start bulding as well there food.
Will keep you updated about the ten also we are among to take them to the hospital.
Very tired but very excited that the gosple has been preached and people have seen the hand of Jesus willing to love ,care,save!Am very greatful and am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
[If you would like to help, contact us at dale@revivalfire.org or call me at (972) 935-8889.]
Praise the Lord,
Brother Dale

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In ten weeks’ time, Dale and I visited over 10 cities in four different countries, had from one to four services each at 21 different churches, and held 10 women’s meetings!

Our first stop was at Noah’s church in Uganda. Dale, Noah, and Daniel, an evangelist who came along to experience what revival is like in Africa, held crusades in 2 villages, one street crusade, and Sunday services in Noah’s church. In these villages over 400 souls got saved. Both these areas have not had churches established there because of the Muslim influence and witchcraft/demonic activity, but we planted a church in each place that is still thriving. At one of the meetings, a man was supernaturally delivered from a demon possession (he was completely insane, rolling on the ground, eating dirt, with cuts and scars from cutting himself). He got saved and has continued in the newly established village church! It was an incredible deliverance and testimony. When all the people saw this happen, they started bringing all their idols in to be burned. It was just like the Book of Acts! I visited the Ladies of Hope for two days and toured the recently purchased orphanage buildings and the school.

Our next three weeks were in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In Goma, the first city we visited, we held services in six different churches, ministered to three different women’s groups, and visited a refugee camp church. The spiritual oppression is heavy there; you can feel it as soon as you cross the border into this dark country. We battled issues regarding jealousy among pastors, greed, hotel problems, government corruption, and the after effects of a country battered by many wars. While some people we met were only interested in what they could get from us, some pastors took the Four Steps to Revival message to heart and put it immediately into practice. They prayed for the unsaved souls and then went out witnessing to bring them in! We were so encouraged by their hunger and zeal it made the hardships easier to overcome.

We traveled to Bukavu, Congo on a 3 hour boat ride, which was a lot of fun! While in Bukavu, we ministered in two different churches. The Penuel Church was amazing. Our translator was one of the best in both ability and spirit. We spent four days there where I met with three different women’s groups, and Dale did a radio program, a TV broadcast, four revival services and the Sunday service. The Spirit of God moved in some powerful ways during those services. One woman who had been crippled for three years was healed…she made a point of finding Dale two days later to make sure he knew and saw her! Someone in the congregation was baptized in the Holy Spirit right during services! Many other testimonies of having the Lord touch them and feeling the anointing of the Spirit were told to us the last day we were there. They did not want us to leave. What a blessing!
As we crossed the border into Rwanda, you could feel the spiritual oppression lift off us. The people in Rwanda have a lot of issues because of the genocide 20 years ago. While we were there, the 20 year Memorial Service was held for the Genocide victims. We watched the service and heard the speeches on TV. All meetings were cancelled that first day across the whole country.

We had services in Kigali, Gitarama, and Cyangugu for a total of four churches. A woman who was deaf was healed in Pastor Robert’s church. At another church, our translator (and Noah’s brother) Emmanuel was so excited about the message of Revival, that he was getting the rest of his church excited! He was ready to start a fire under his pastor and everyone else! Pastor Isaiah had already taken the Four Steps to Revival message that he heard from Dale last year, and was conducting street crusades in several cities. Isaiah is a famous Gospel singer in Rwanda and he would take some equipment, set up on a corner, and start singing. Crowds would come and at the end of the “free concert” he would preach and souls would get saved!

We had a women’s conference out in one of the villages and about 250 women showed up! I am humbled by the women who endure such oppression with little spiritual nourishment. They were starving to have someone tell them they could endure and overcome and feel the Lord actually loved them.

Our last three weeks were in Nairobi, Kenya. Pastor Daniel was thankful that we came to the slum area that his church was in to preach a message that challenged his congregation. He is ready to organize another conference with many other pastors for this coming fall! Then we travelled to Namanga to preach at Pastor Samuel’s Maasai church for two days. Back in Nairobi, we ministered with Pastor Gideon, who was already on the path to revival. His church already had witnessing groups going out to win the unsaved to Christ. But after hearing Dale preach, he got down on his knees along with his whole congregation to ask for forgiveness and seek God’s power to win more souls! Our last church service was with Pastor Kibedi. During that service, several children were dedicated to the Lord and they had Dale ordain four new pastors.

Altogether, there were a total of 45 services and 12 women’s meetings. Many churches were energized, over 600 souls asked Jesus Christ into their heart, two crippled ladies were healed, many other illnesses were healed, a demoniac was delivered, and a deaf woman was healed. Even before we left some of these cities, we were hearing of more souls getting saved and women gathering together to read Bible and strengthen each other. In the Congo, the Lord showed the pastor that an American and a Ugandan would come together and bring revival in their church. Two weeks later, Dale and Noah were there! At another church in Rwanda, a woman who was a prayer intercessor praying for revival said that Lord told her He was sending someone from America … two weeks before we showed up. This has happened again and again and it just shows how hungry they are for revival and how desperate their need is for someone to come and show them the way.

We have planted seeds of revival everywhere we have gone. I know God is on the move to raise these people up with hope and vision to carry this message forward and to spread it across the land. I’m just so glad that I got to be a part of this to watch the hand of God move.

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What a day we’ve had!

Cindy and I are on a 10-week tour of 4 different countries here in Africa.  We’ve come to Uganda to install an Internet-based system for me to be able to preach live over Skype to a projector wherever Noah, my partner here in Uganda, wants to set it up.  This would enable us to preach in many of the remote villages here that no one ever visits.  It also enable us to show videos like the Jesus Film as an evangelistic tool to win souls.

We tried it out last night in an outdoor crusade around the local church. We set up outside in the market area and people came from everywhere to watch the film and listen to the preaching. Dozens came down at the altar call. Most of them were kids, who will come down anytime you call them, so it was hard to say how many people actually came down to the altar to give their lives to Christ but there were plenty.

The next day was Sunday. I joked with Daniel, the brother who came to install this projection system, that services can last a couple hours here.  They lasted for four.

It started out the usual way – lots of singing and praise.  Africans love music, singing, and dancing.  Give them an opportunity to sing and they will raise the roof!

As I got up to bring the message, I could feel the energy and excitement begin to roll. I felt like I had just my finger in a socket and plugged myself in. Again, scores came down to the altar to pray. They are so hungry to see a move of God, not only in their church and their country, but in their own personal lives as well. Crying out to God, they lined up 4 and 5 deep in front of the altar.

How do you put a measure on passion like this?  I can deliver the same message in America and barely get a stifled yawn. Maybe some amens and some ataboys, but no impassioned repentance or broken hearts to turn from our complacency.  We are going to miss this coming move of God if we do not allow our hearts to be torn wide open.

But services were not finished. A few more songs and then the pulpit was opened for my companion, Daniel to preach.  Daniel is a much in-demand evangelist with the Steve Hill Ministries, and wow can he preach!  Excitement rose again and people came down to receive the Holy Spirit. You could hear us a mile away as the passion rose, hearts broke open, and the Spirit of God dealt with these people.

After it was over, everyone felt as if they had gone through a wash and rinse cycle. You felt clean and drained.

Tomorrow, we start in a village and hour away in which there are no churches because the witch doctors have chased them all away.  Any attempts to plant a church there has been threatened, burned, and hammered with satanic curses.  Pastor Noah, our host in Uganda, has contacted the churches in all the surrounding areas that we are coming and asking them to join us there. We are about to establish a stronghold for God in the midst of this darkness and they are coming to be part of it.  This is war and this is how we fight.

Satan, take notice. We are about to rip your black grimy fingers from off these people and break forth with the blinding Light of Jesus Christ in an area where you have never before been challenged.  You can scream, you can rant and rave, but you can’t win. We claim the victory in the name of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Ghost and we will establish a landmark for God that you will not soon forget.

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Home of Hope Orphanage is located in Mbarara, Uganda and is part of Noah and Diana Kamanzi’s church group, which also includes the 


Ladies of Hope, which is the group of ex-prostitutes from which these children have come.  Each of these kids has his or her own heartbreaking story.  Their situation is doubly oppressive because while their mothers were alive, they experienced so much shame and degradation from the men that abused their mothers and the distain they found in the local bars where they grew up, and then they had to face their own hell after their mothers had died.

Their alternative was to run the streets and garbage dumps of the city, always running from the police and the more respectable me

mbers of society. They had to develop a severe defensive mentality from the tender ages of 4 and 5 years old. Prostitution for 10 to 12 year old girls was expected.  Violence, drugs, disease and despair ruled their lives until they met the usual early death.

Let me give you just one example of what these kids are like.  Benon’s mother was a prostitute and died of AIDS. Benon had a 7-year old brother and a 4-year old sister.  He had to leave the house they had been staying in and take his siblings with him to the the dump to find a place to stay. He would then go out to the street corners and sing and dance, making up his own songs and dance moves to get people to throw change so he could get something to eat for his brother and sister.  Benon was 9 years old.

Almost all of their mothers contract AIDS/HIV, and some pass it on to their children, so many die and leave these kids abandoned.  No one wants them.  They are considered the seed of a whore and are therefore defiled and rejected as so much human refuse.  Relatives do not want to share their family’s inheritance with them, grandparents will not take them in, and their fathers are unknown and missing.  It was bad before for them; now it is worse. They are on their own with no place to go and with no hope.

If you have ever gone down into one of these wretched slums in Africa and gotten a whiff of what it means to have no hope, y

ou will shudder from its’ cold desolate grip. No hope.  That’s what these babies have been thrust into.  And it is endemic across Africa.

You can’t help everyone and fix every problem, but you can do something that will make a difference in someone’s life.  Home of Hope is small right now but we expect to be growing in time because so many of the Ladies of Hope are infected with AIDS and will probably die and leave us their children.  We are just beginning and have just purchased a former hostel with 9 rooms.  There is no organization, denomination, or church supporting us.  In fact, it is only a small handful of people who have felt the burden to do something.  I pray that the Lord would touch your heart so that you would join us and help us meet the challenges that face us.

Come visit the website and at least read their stories. The websites will tell you lots more than I can.  The Home of Home is at www.OrphansofHope.com and the Ladies of Hope are at www.LadiesofHope.com.  If you can’t help sponsor someone, maybe you can send us a hundred bucks or so.  Maybe a thousand. It’s all tax deductible.

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Widows and Orphans

I just spent a week or so overlooking the construction of a new church and orphanage in Uganda. As you may know, I have been working closely with Pastor Noah for a few years bringing a message of revival across Africa.  In keeping with that same spirit, his wife Diana began to reach out to the local prostitutes, bringing them into God’s saving grace and teaching them how to sew.  We call them the Ladies of Hope.

A problem arose when some of the ladies had died and left children that nobody wanted.  Almost all of the Ladies of Hope have AIDS, as do their children, and this disease has claimed three of the women.  Another lady was murdered by a former “client” when she would not give in to his demand for sex.  No one wants these “tainted” kids, not even their grandparents, so Noah and his sister have been taking them in. They now have twenty orphans.

This is an open-ended problem that will only keep growing, especially as more and more women are desperately coming in all the time from prostitution. In the midst of our looking for a way to build some kind of orphanage to house these children, the landlord decided to cancel the lease on Noah’s church.  Now we have to build, not only an orphanage, but also a new church and find the land to put in on.

Thankfully, someone has met the challenge and has given enough money to quickly build some buildings to keep this important work going.  We have come to make sure everything is going well. The church should be basically finished enough to move into in a few weeks. They will miss a few services, but at least we have established a place to establish the ongoing presence of God’s people.

Everything seems to be a challenge out here. You can’t just do some simple project without something going wrong.  It’s as if the devil just hangs out waiting to flip things around on you.  Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.  It certainly keeps you diligent.

There is a need for volunteers to watch over the children. Know anybody who wants to give up their luxuries, live in a 3rd world country, struggle for support, leave your friends and social life, but lose your heart in a desperate love for the most precious of God’s creations? The riches you earn here last forever.

Or how about sponsoring a child?  Widows and orphans top the list for God. I’m not sure how the blessing meter ramps up when you take one of these kids under your wing, but I got a strong feeling that $40 a month will pay off in dividends you can’t imagine … and they will pay off for a long, long time.  How about $100 per month?  It really takes more than that to pay for all their needs for a month, but a hundred bucks is a good start.  If the Lord starts dealing with you on this, please contact me and I will help set you up.  We  need your help.

It will be a few more weeks before everything is done.  I’ll try and send some pictures when it is finished.  In the meantime, I am heading to Rwanda before coming home. 

But I’ll tell you all about that later.


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Lying Vanities

They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy. (Jonah 2:8)

I delivered this message to the Ladies of Hope in Uganda thinking that it was about having a lack of belief that God could or would do great things with you.  While not necessarily applying to Jonah, it certainly resonated with the Ladies of Hope to whom I was speaking.

These women have been emotionally beaten down so deeply that when they first came to the church to accept Jesus as their Savior, they could hardly hold their heads up. There was no self-respect and no confidence in anything that had to do with themselves. Some had been forced into prostitution by their mothers at the age of 12 and 13 years of age and had never had a chance to believe in themselves. They were defeated, broken, and lost.

They have come a long way.  A very long way. But to tell them that God can use them to change the world is still too much for them to handle. There is still that little demonic voice in the background that whispers to them that they are just worn-out whores who are no good, that nobody wants or cares about, and they will never be any good because they are defiled and rotten. It is a struggle to push past those old voices and to stand in victory and believe that Jesus Christ, God Himself, did care. And not only cared but took their place on the cross to pay for their sins. Nobody has ever cared for them. Ever. But wow, God really did this for them? It’s a stretch for them to absorb.

I had wanted to make the point that the idea that God cannot or will not use them is a lying vanity, something to refuse, reject, and overcome. They understood that, but the actual response we got from them was something I never expected.

It started with Joanne. Joanne breaks out in this great big grin when you speak to her, but always returns to a downcast face when the smile drops. Obviously, something was holding her down. And then day after the message about lying vanities, she came with her little idols to be burnt out back of the church. As we set them on fire, I prayed over her and I’m telling you, it was like a hole opened up in the heavens and sunshine poured out all over her. She was set free! You could feel the chains snap.

I thought that was pretty good, but it was just starting. The next day, more ladies came with their idols also. I guess they saw the liberation of Joanne, and wanted the same thing.  You see, they took that message to mean that God was telling them that these little idols they harbored in their bedrooms were lying vanities, and if they wanted to be set free – truly free – they would have to burn them.

There has been great rejoicing in the House of the Lord this day. What a difference in them!  Yes, they have a ways to go, but what a change has happened to them. You could see it in the depth of real emotion and love as they wept and hugged Cindy when we were leaving. Seventy women have hope.  They are free. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

Of course, Satan immediately attacked. All of a sudden, the landlord threatened to cancel the lease and sell the building to some retail store. Without a church, there is no place for these ladies to go, along with the 20 or so orphans that need to be cared for, and everything else that we have going on there.  And of course, whatever little money they had, was sucked up by sudden emergencies that just happened to pop up now.

Wow, Satan must really be mad! I think we have struck a nerve! This is the pattern that always takes place when you strike deep. It is always followed by a time of apprehension (think Red Sea).  But it is in broken soil such as this that hope is able to spring out of our hearts and allow faith to come into full bloom. And then comes God’s deliverance and provision.

The lying vanity here would be to think that because you are in the belly of a whale, there is no way out. But God hears cries of desperation that burst out of a sincere heart that reaches out to grab hold of faith. It is to such times as that which He glories in His deliverances. When Jonah cried out, the whale died just so Jonah wouldn’t get his feet wet when he stepped out onto dry land.

These ladies will not only overcome, they will blossom and prosper.  Provision and help will come from somewhere, and the testimonies of their challenges will be heard by others who will also come forth out of the darkness of forced prostitution and shed the lying vanities that have kept them prisoner also.


PS – if you would like to help, you can donate or purchase their purses at www.LadiesofHope.com



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It is hard to fully express the feeling of seeing almost 70 women stand up in front of a church and declare how desperately hopeless they were in prostitution but how that they now had found hope and life in Jesus Christ. Here are 70 lives transformed, 70 lives that are now saved; 70 women who have come to life from a dungeon of despair and hopelessness.

These are real people. I think that’s what gets me the most. They are not statistics or anonymous stories; they are not some interesting anecdote written on a piece of unfeeling paper; they are real people just like you and me. They had dreams just like we did. They grew up like normal little girls– just like your little girls. They loved things that we love; they laughed, played, sang songs … they lived. Just like us.

But in story after story, something went horribly wrong – parents died, uncles or stepfathers raped them, mothers or stepmothers pushed them out into the streets to fend for themselves as young as 9 and 10 years old – the stories can be read on their website: www.LadiesofHope.com. Whatever the reason, they were thrust into a wicked, dark world to be broken, tortured, and diseased with absolutely no hope of escape. In a very short time, they became broken and lost all vestiges of self-worth. Defeated, they drifted from one bar to another, scraping out a day-to-day existence crawling under a weight of oppression that engulfed them. The only promise and hope they had in life was death.

And now, here they are up in front of the church singing Gospel songs and raising their hands to God who has saved them from death and degeneracy.  Somebody actually loved them, even enough to give His life so they could be forgiven.  Man, I am telling you, if you can sit through that with no tears, then you are as hard as nails.  I couldn’t.  And Cindy? Forget it. Especially when they started thanking her for starting the process that led to their salvation.  You see, it was just three years ago when Cindy ministered to some women that led to this whole operation, and they look at her as their mother who rescued them.

Now we are faced with a challenge. Our success has become our problem.  The sound of deliverance has been loud. More and more of these prostitutes are coming in off the streets desperate for help and almost every one of them and their children are dying of AIDS. The Lord has healed several of them, but others have died. When they die, no one will take in their children, not even their grandparents, so they are left for us to take care of.  The number has grown to a point where we have to have an orphanage and a facility to take care of the growing number of helpless women and orphans … AND we need someone who knows how to run one!

You’d think the churches would help, but they look at these women as dirty, defiled, and of no human value. They have rejected them even after hearing the testimonies of their salvations. Why am I not surprised? Is this not always how the denominational Church has reacted to the lost and suffering?

So here we are. I have a week here to figure something out. I have to say, I’m a little overwhelmed. Who will I find to come to Uganda to take charge of running an orphanage and a ministry that is burgeoning in size? And how will I find an outlet to produce enough finances to keep it running? I am a revivalist, not a business manager.  I may not have graduated from Harvard Business School, but my Father knows business better than anyone. He will provide; He always does.

But He uses people.  Perhaps He will recruit even you. If you feel the burden to help, come to www.LadiesofHope.com, hear the testimonies, feel the hope, catch the vision, contact us and lend a helping hand.

 “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.”   (James 1:27)


Brother Dale

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Pastor Patrick came to Mbarara three years ago to visit his newly married niece.  His church was located about 50 miles away, and it was suffering from the typical spiritual doldrums that it seemed all the churches in Uganda, and all of Africa for that matter, were suffering from. Uganda had taken part in the wonderful revival that had swept across Africa in the early ‘70’s, but it had been cut short by the demonic persecution from Idi Amin.  That move of God has dissipated into a boring mediocrity and a resulting decent into sin and corruption within the Church in general. He didn’t know what to do or how to bring life back into his church, but he was determined to seek the face of God for an answer.

His niece’s husband had a church in Mbarara, but unlike so many others, this church had a new infusion of life. There was something exciting going on here.  There was not only hope, but it was if they had discovered a new direction and a vision for revival that had been lost since those exciting days 40 years ago. They were having a 3-day seminar on revival by some American friend of his nephew, and he decided to attend.

After two days, he could hold it in no more and armed with a booklet from the American revivalist, he raced back to his community without even telling his nephew what had happened to him. He didn’t really know himself what he was going to do next, but he knew he had a hold on the answer to end the apostasy that had been suffocating his church.

He started preaching right out of the booklet. Starting with his own church, he challenged them with the principles of the Word of God that were laid out in the booklet. It was like shattering a glass ceiling that had hung over their faith – they could see through the glass into the very heavens, but never could get past it.  But now it was shattered, and a new freedom and purpose gripped his congregation and they headed into their community to win souls.

A fire was ignited that spread throughout the whole area.  During the next three years, Pastor Patrick planted 70 new churches, with many other existing churches asking to join him.  A steady stream of sinners came to answer the call for Salvation, and as the Spirit of God began to move, the miracles began to happen. The sick were brought to the church to be healed and the tormented to be delivered. Joy and rejoicing had returned to the House of God.  God had lit a fire.

I preached in Pastor Patrick’s church yesterday. The only way I can describe what it was like is to say it was not just exciting, it was exhilarating.  I don’t think very many people knew who I was, but that’s okay.  For me, it was just a little pat on the shoulder from God to encourage me and lift me up as I struggle through the final days of this very difficult trip. You never know what God can do with even just a single seed.

Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.”
(Ecclesiastes 11:1)


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